Faith786 Bashing Page

Here is a page to bash me where I may or may not respond. This is dedicated to Spiderman, one of the weirdest people I know in my life. (Don’t let the spidey logo fool you….)



  1. spiderman said,


  2. spiderman said,

    ok well, i have a number of requests for posts/questions that need to be answered:

    i have a number of requests for new posts/questions i need answered:

    1. chemistry pick up lines

    2. what to do in serious medical situations

    3. more quotes

    4. an updated book list (islamic)

    5. how to control anger (like if ur so angry you want to beat the sh*t out of someone… how do you stop urself?)

    6. how to get rid of bad habits, ie- smoking, backbiting, etc

    7. where do babies come from

    8. why the ifs masjid bathroom being the grossest bathroom on the frickin earth

    9. what planet is mexico on

    10. why do some people not wear deodorant

    11. why are 80% of ifs teachers/admins female k9s

    12. sarah palin.

    14. what happened to question 13?

    15. how do u know if ur goldfish is pregnant

    16. why do arabic teachers get pregnant so much

    17. should the speed limit on highridge be changed to 55 in order to accommodate late comers to prayer?

    18. what idiot designed the ifs uniforms? and what was he/she smoking?

    19. why does my face/legs itch uncontrolably when i do math probs?

    20. how long did it take for dumbledore to grow his beard?

  3. spiderman said,

    FAITH 786

  4. faith786 said,


    Wow, you are in a silly mood today. Some of your requests I will try to do posts for, but let me address some of the questions:

    1. Working on it. XD But I refuse to put anything explicit.

    2. I am no doctor so I can only put up stuff from google.

    3. Any specific? I keep putting up more as I find them….

    4.That will have to wait because I like to read books before recommending them.

    5. I can try making that a post, but for an immediate response, may Allah give you strength to deal with idiots Allah makes you deal with to learn patience, and may He give you courage to slap them if they cross the line.

    6.Post worthy and I will look in my old books for content. Immediate answer: There is not a single problem in the world that a good solid slap cannot solve.

    7. I actually wrote a post on this in my draft box, but I need to edit it and I definitely can’t post it in Ramadan as you may find the truth either too funny or disturbing that I believed that theory for a good 13 years of my life.

    8. There are many reasons for this, but I do remember this one bathroom between Makkah and Madinah that gave me nightmares for 6 months….

    9. ROFL!!!

    10. Because they are woefully ignorant of proper hygiene and need to be arrested for a class A felony.

    11. Allah swt wanted us to learn not to be like them when we grow up and we get tons of hasanat. And when they wrong us, our duaas are more likely to get accepted. =)

    12 HOW DARE YOU UTTER HER NAME??? She is on the Faith786 Most Hated Women List. Now my blog has to do ghusul and wudu….

    14. I ate that post because it is one of my favorite numbers.

    15. If the goldfish starts getting moody.

    16. Call me for that answer.

    17. SHUT UP!!!! LOL!!!! I think near prayer time, speed limits should be waived. But only asr I will be picky because typically schools get out around that time and people need to be careful. But I wasn’t going 55… the radar said 35.

    18. Call me for that answer.

    19. HAHAHAHA. I knew someone who would drop into clinical depression when doing calculus. But it could be a Super Traumatic Underated Problematic Integer Disorder that many people suffer. Also known as STUPID.

    20. I would say approximately 40 years.

    And I have been looking at backgrounds, but I haven’t seen one I like. Recommend any?

  5. spiderman said,

    was i high wen i wrote this?

  6. GeniusAccorrdingToMyChemProfessor said,

    So I read this because I saw the link entitled “faith 786 bashing page” and was appalled that there may be such a page, but I clearly was wrong because it was created by the creator of the blog… I read all the questions and I read all the replies that you, faith786, answered and I must say I was dying of laughter… I clearly am not doing my physics homework/studying like I am supposed to be… Thank you for not only distracting me with the location of mexico, but also making me laugh (as always).

    • faith786 said,

      spiderman asked me to make this page and she is amazing at everything she does. and yes, you should be doing physics instead of using my blog to procrastinate. =)

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