August 27, 2012

Post-Ramadan Reflections: Goals and Relationships

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Tomorrow (or today in 6 hours) is the first day of school. So naturally, I cannot sleep.

Ever since Ramadan ended, life appears to be so… different. I feel like I have been observing life more rather than being part of it (for a temporary time). Today there was a before school festival event and I was part of participating and helping out at the event. It was a couple of hours long and I realized I was running late to pray one of my prayers. Back in Ramadan, I was on top of my prayers and had a very conscious “internal clock” on when to pray. Post Ramadan and I had to check my watch to realize I was running late. I am beginning to get out of touch with myself.

In Ramadan, I made multiple goals that I want to keep pursuing even after Ramadan. Prayer is one of them. And I realized in the middle of the event that I have to actively pursue my goals if I really want to achieve them. If I want to come to know and befriend God, I must also run to Him. Not just God coming to me. As a wise person once told me, “God does not turn His back to us. We turn our backs to him.” (Almost verbatim)

Another goal I have is to work on my relationships with others. It isn’t even an issue of being liked or seen in a positive manner. I want to be good with others without expectation of something in return. Today I saw a lot of peers at the event and I realized the road ahead of me is long and steep to work on my relationships. There were couple people who looked at me with steely eyes and maybe for the rest of my life, they will look at me the same way, but I hope to be a better person by the end of my life.

I suppose this post is a reminder to you (and myself) that life is hard. Life will humble you. Life will teach you both gently and harshly. Life will test you, but it is good. If we want to have better health, we have to train our bodies. If we want to have a better soul, we have to train our whole selves. It may hurt, but in time, we will be shaped into better human beings.

Don’t try to necessarily live an “easy” life. Live a noble life.



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  1. MuslimAtHeart said,

    You will examine a lot of these lessons all over again in Dr. C’s class 🙂 I know you will love it (and you can get help on the papers-your ideas are great & brilliant, you’ll just MAYBE need editing/grammatical/formal writing help, so STOP worrying about that part). She will make humble pie out of you if Allah hasn’t reached every fiber of your being already.

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