July 15, 2012

All the Little Things

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I have about 13+ posts I need to work on this summer, so I should start with this one–

Today I attended an event today with some lovely friends, but at one point, we were all sitting in the living room and four recent high school graduates were talking in front of us. Now I am approaching the end of my undergraduate college career, so there is a good number of years between my friends and I to these high school graduates. Today, I began to notice the things they talk about and the one thing that ran through my head–was I like that?

They were talking about the most random and meaningless gossip–ranging from who (out of their high school class) will get married and under what circumstance, qualities of people that annoy them, drama between individuals or imagining drama between people, and overall just petty and shallow remarks about the people they know.

Now don’t get me wrong–it is fine to talk about different things and we don’t have to talk about deep philosophical issues all the time, but being so obsessed about other people’s lives and acting like that is all there is talk and think about, that is what scares me about people. As someone interested in being a high school teacher, it is important for me to understand where students like them are coming from. Was I vain and self-centered like them at their age? Probably. And some of it is still probably with me now. Personally, I do not think I was like that to such a degree like those students, but the issue remains–are human beings really hung up on all those little things about each other?

Sincerely, I hope they (and myself) grow out of it and think bigger and beyond those topics. To quote a friend, the human mind is probably the pinnacle of creation. We are capable of thinking of people, yes. But that same mind is capable of thinking of ideas, questions, patterns and mysteries of the universe. It is just a shame to see that there are people my age (and older than me) that are still obsessed with people when there is so much more out there.

In the past three years of my life, I feel like my mind grew a lot. Academically, life, and with my own perception of myself and the universe. (And I still have **a lot** more learning to go.) But I feel like my mind can only grow if I am willing to open it to the rest of the world. And I do not think I can do that if I am really obsessed with people. I can imagine this would be true about others as well. So I hope for myself and for others that we can think beyond all the little things and start thinking about bigger things. Not only can we do so much more for our lives by thinking bigger, but I can also imagine it would give us more internal satisfaction that just gossiping about others.

And really, when it comes down to it, I think wasting time just gossiping is a real waste of our minds.

There is nothing so powerful and mysterious like the human mind.



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