January 8, 2012

Random Ramblings: Creativity

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

After a *VERY* long time, large number of requests and thinking, I decided I’m going to try this whole blogging thing again. =)

Today’s Random Rambling is about creativity. What really prompted me to write this were two things: I have been reading up lately how the American education system has been lacking the conditions and environment to help promote and foster creativity in children. The other are the recent criticisms I have been getting that I’m studying chemistry, which is so “left brained,” that it is so cut-dry, logical, monotonous and does not tap into the mind’s sense of imagination and creativity.

First things first:

There is nothing so powerful, so mysterious and so moving like a human thought. It is one of few things that really makes human beings so unique compared to what we know about everything else in the physical universe. There is so much to know and so much we can do and change with what we know that the possibilities are endless.

From an Islamic point of view, God created the universe and everything in it, including the capacity of human thought. And everything we learn and notice: different combinations of colors, mixtures of sounds, laws of physics, the human construct of mathematics, patterns in nature we see from stars in the sky to little subatomic particles–they are all just different paintbrushes God used to paint the universe. The universe is a way God makes Himself manifest; His Perfection, His Wisdom, His Love, His Light–and when we tap into the knowledge of the universe, and our thoughts, we learn more about His paintbrushes–and more about Him.

And what is so unique about this is that God also gave us the ability to interpret and come up with different perspectives of His Work. In a sense, we have our own little paintbrushes to add to the reality we observe as well as the ability to study God’s.

So being creative isn’t just needed to compete in a global economy or some ulterior motive as some education articles I have read suggest; being creative and innovative are human qualities. When we think more, and challenge our current understandings more, we are following our intrinsic behavior.

As someone studying chemistry, I actually think creativity is a *must.* I have to be able to play with molecules in my head, try different techniques in lab when one doesn’t work, come up with different solutions, think of bigger questions, and challenge theories I read all the time. If someone studying science took everything for face value and memorized everything he/she read, then we wouldn’t need the student–we have Google. =)

But that doesn’t go for just chemistry–every job and every passion a person might have involves being thoughtful and being creative. Colors and textures are not art, sound is not music, and studying the physical universe is certainly not science without trying new things and coming up with crazy ideas. Life is not stagnant and monotonous–it requires us to work hard and to keep progressing.

So be creative! Be innovative! Have passion! Question the world around you! Tap into what gives you inspiration! Never lose that intrinsic sense of curiosity of whatever it is!

Let your thoughts be a paintbrush and the universe be your canvas.

( source: http://www.bryanfranklin.com/wp-content/uploads/creativity.jpg )

[I’m way too lazy to spell and grammar check this post and if I attempt to do so, this will never get posted, so I apologize for poor writing.]



  1. Lizzy Bennett said,

    Great post, and wicked cool picture! You should blog more! And I especially love your poems, they’re magical.

    • faith786 said,

      Thanks. I intend to do more this summer as I have about 30 drafts that I never finish. And thanks for the poem compliment–I don’t feel like I write good poems like the ones I read. But do I mean what I write! Blog ideas are also appreciated. =)

  2. You’ve spark a brain! May Allah (swt) reward you abundantly brother! And note this dear muslim brothers and sisters Allah is Science itself!

    • faith786 said,

      Why thank you. I should let you know that I am female.
      I do not know if I would necessarily agree that God is science itself, but He is the creator of science. Science exists, so therefore, He must be outside of it.

  3. I agree with the point you’ve just highlighted but ma/miss, if Allah dwell in us and all He created is what we’re studying as science. Then indirectly we’re studying about God. Don’t student study ISLAMIC LAW! Or ISLAM itself?

    • faith786 said,

      Umm, yes, people do study Islam and Islamic law. I have learned a bit of them in school. But yes, we do learn about Allah swt by studying His creation. I just thought it might be a bit of a leap to say “Allah is science.” That is all. =)

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