August 7, 2010


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

A lot has been going on in my life. A lot of change from the events around me. From all the things going on, what I have been reading, thinking and seeing in my interactions with people, everything is finite. I was blessed with things and those things will be taken from me. God is the only thing that remains. The only thing that is ever eternal. The vast sky and even the smallest particle were created, so they are limited. So why have attachment or any love of the world if it finite?

“Of all the follies, the greatest is to love the world.”

–Ali (ra)



  1. Saladin said,

    I don’t know. This world may be temporary but it’s also a test for us. It’s not much of a test if we sit it out but it also cuts us off from those who would really benefit from our participation and interaction.

    It’s just my opinion, of course, but someone who thinks questions like this has a great deal to offer others. You need only be open enough to receive what others have to offer you. This life is short–embrace it. Let your deeds be gracious, love generously, and live compassionately.


    • faith786 said,

      Thank you for the words of wisdom. I agree with you, but I think I meant to hit on the idea of not getting *too* attached. Having friends, meeting new people and exploring the barakah in the world are things I value, but to think things are permanent or to start to depend on others too much, that can be dangerous.

      I want to have a balance with my relationship with the world so that if something is taken or given to me, I would not pray any less or let the dunyah get to my head. Allah should be enough for a person to make that individual happy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. GeniusAccordingToMyChemProf said,

    To have the concept of God’s world as limited to God’s love relatable to ever eternal? The love we have on earth and what we think it is, is only a portion of the love God has for us and that he has shared. He may be preparing us for such an overwhelming amount of love later on… ❤

    • faith786 said,

      I do not understand your first statement/question, but you did hit on something I always wondered.

      I once came across a person who believed that no matter what happens in life, God’s love remains the same. People may walk in and out, but the love God has for someone stays and simply takes on a different form based on an individual’s circumstances.

      Another person I met believed that God’s love constantly increases over the time of someone’s life because as time progresses in a person’s life, God takes a more active part in taking care of that individual (i.e. all the relationships, provisions, physical and mental development, etc.).

      I don’t know if God’s love is a ‘constant’ or is always ‘increasing’, but I do know that a title of God is Al Wadud, The Most Loving. Realizing the world is finite is accepting that it is only a shadow of something else that is real. In some ways, I think to love God is to say that the world has a limit, and acknowledge that God does not and that takes courage when you don’t have empirical proof.

      Thanks for getting me thinking!

  3. malrose9389 said,

    That is a beautiful pic.

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