July 12, 2010


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I was riding my bike and I saw many fallen trees. But then a mile down, I saw a plant peek through a road crack. And I realized that is only part of my own reflection. Maybe souls have to take chances against hopelessness and unfavorable circumstances in hopes of a new life. A beautiful life.

“Look then at the signs of Allah’s Mercy; how He gives life to the earth and its death. Most surely He will raise the dead to life and He has power over all things.”

(Surah Rum, Ayah 50 or 30:50)


(Source: http://elev8.com/files/2009/08/plant-growing-through-crack-in-concrete.jpg )



  1. Noreen said,

    For some reason, this is very profound for me.

    I like the picture and I think the ayah is very appropriate. God takes life and gives life. Similarly, He is one people think of Him so if you have hope in Him, you’ll see hope in everything around you. But if you see Him as cruel, then you’ll see the world through those eyes.

  2. GeniusAccordingToMyChemProf said,

    This is beautiful. I love it.

  3. afghan girl said,

    very beautifull. keep work on

  4. zakiya fayaz said,


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