March 28, 2010

My Epiphanies (XV)

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am currently unhappy with three people and three other people are unhappy with me. That is approximately six Divine Invitations. That means God must really want me to call back to Him right now.

Well, one of the Divine Invitations has pushed me to write this post, so here it goes: gentleness and kindness.

For readers who know me: You know I am a bit tactless, candid, silly and free-spirited. But you also know that I do mean good for people and I care for people a lot more than I ever show them. And when I do care for people, it is slightly different from what people typically define ‘caring’ to be.

Well, Faith786 had a tactless moment and I guess I didn’t even realize it. I said something that offended someone. Well, when the person felt offended, he didn’t tell me off or even get mad. He responded to me with kindness and gentleness on how he would like to be treated.

That literally shut me up and I have been in a state of taubah ever since.

I never realized how important gentleness and kindness are, until I was in a position expecting not to receive any and got it–as a gift.

So today’s epiphany: there is nothing so important and beautiful as being kind and gentle. They are not just ‘good’ qualities, but qualities of a strong and profound human being. If I want to grow as an individual, I must learn how to be gentle, even when I am not happy and to be kind when I have not been treated kindly.

There is a kind of humility and selflessness in it. And I can imagine that it is a prophetic quality.

But as I have learned from an awliyah, doing any type of good requires our words, actions and intent to match. So if I want to have those qualities, I must mean well (for the sake of Allah’s happiness), speak and act with kindness and gentleness.

And if all else fails, I can resort to silence. If I cannot be that, then I can be silent. There is also a sort of beauty in that too.


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  1. Spiderman said,

    Great reminder as always 🙂

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