March 16, 2010

Another Wish List!

Posted in Duaa, Islam at 10:10 pm by faith786

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I have been seeing a lot of my friends stressed out about school, a lot of friends stressed out about their careers, a lot of friends stressed out about their families, and although I never appear to be *actually* stressed, I feel like I am more sensitive than they are but for completely different reasons.

I am stressed out that there is something going wrong with my relationship with God. I can *feel* it falling into more disorder. I am not exactly good at relationships (in general) and even more so with God because I don’t know if I understand fully what he wants. I want to make Him happy, I want so many good things but I don’t know how. As a friend of mine once compared me to Huckleberry Finn: “You have a deformed conscience but a sound heart.” (Well, I think my heart is getting messed up.)

So I still don’t know how to make things right, so I figured I can make a duaa and that may help my relationship with God. A good wish can never be wrong, right? So here is my *good wish list*:

* بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم *

*In the name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful*

I bear witness there is no god but Allah without any partners or need.

Oh Allah, please send Your Mercy and Blessings to Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family.

Oh Allah, please send Your Mercy and Blessings to all the prophets and awliyah.

Oh Allah, please guide us on to the straight path.

Oh Allah, I seek Your Protection from knowledge that does not benefit and a heart that does not humble itself, and from a soul that is not content, and from a prayer that is not answered.

Oh Allah, please always give us that which is best for us physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and every dimension of ourselves. And please keep us away from that which is not best for us and let us be content with it.

Oh Allah, please let us want things that are good for us and that what we should want and let us not want things that are bad for us and that we should not want.

Oh Allah, please grant us what is best for us and help us *recognize* that it is best for us.

Oh Allah, please help us become Your friends and help us become closer to You.

Oh Allah, please guide us spiritually and through this life.

Oh Allah, please guide our hearts closer to You and help us make everything we think, say or do be that which pleases you and gives us happiness. Please don’t ever leave us to ourselves.

Oh Allah, give us barakah, khair, happiness, and contentment in everything we do.

Oh Allah, please put in us love, mercy, compassion, peace, grace, gentleness, beauty, happiness and every quality You value in our hearts and please remove bad qualities from our hearts with ease.

Oh Allah, please help us, guide us, cover us, provide for us, and let us have Ishq and Yaqeen.

Oh Allah, You know what is best for us, You know what we do not and You have the best judgment so please help us for no one else can guide and help us but You.


I’ll make my longer duaa later. Anyone want to add anything, please feel free!



  1. Safiya said,

    Masha-allah beautiful Du’a sister,
    I’ve been thinking the same thing lately that something is up with my relationship with The Almighty. Subhannallah, may Allah accept our Du’a insha-allah.


  2. wat is your facebook page

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