January 11, 2010

My Poems: Rocks of Madinah

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Maybe one day, I’ll get to hold them and sing (in a terrible voice) along with them–

Rocks of Madinah

Scent of the sand in the breeze,

Drops of the moon on the leaves,

Divine Grace blaring from the trees.

Gentle light permeating from Jannah–

All captured in the rocks of Madinah.

The ethereal breath of that sand*.

The cosmic secret that lies in that land

Can be something so small and yet so  grand.

A Divine Gift, straight from Jannah

Silently within the rocks of Madinah.

Rocks of Madinah, Rocks of Madinah,

Ores of love, compounds of nur.

Physically, mixed*, but in reality so pure–

Burning in love and closer to him* than Jannah.

This is the Divine Honor of the rocks of Madinah.

of that sand* : There is a hadith that no perfume can match the sand near Rasulullah’s (saw) grave and there is a hadith that he once put rocks/pebbles in his hand and the rocks were saying, “subhanallah, subhanallah….”

Physically, mixed* : Rocks are a heterogeneous mixture of different metals but I was suggesting that although they are ‘impure’ because they are a mixture of compounds, they are spiritually pure because they are in Rasulullah’s (saw) presence.

closer to him* : Reference to Rasulullah (saw). Although it is known he has the keys of Jannah and is closer to it than anyone, I meant the rocks are closer to his physical body while Jannah is in another realm of existence.



  1. Spiderman said,

    I wrote you a poem…here it goes….

    Chemistry sucks crap.
    But you make it interesting.
    But I still hate it.

    (haiku format if you didn’t notice) 🙂

  2. faith786 said,

    Isn’t ‘interesting’ four syllables? I thought the format is 5,7,5.

    I love you anyway. I guess I should start getting used to people hating chemistry… and chemistry hating me.

    I have no idea why I am attempting to love something that clearly everyone hates and chemistry loves everyone except me. LOL

  3. Spiderman said,

    depends on how u pronounce it
    is ur avatar from KH??

  4. faith786 said,

    “is ur avatar from KH??”

    Yeah. Old neighborhood friends joke, but ironically, I don’t like Kairi.

    Now how about this–do you know where my typical avatar is from?

  5. Mohammad said,

    MASHAALLAH, very good peom. JAZAKALLAH

  6. 'Awwal said,

    I love meditation & I am new here. Please for God sake keep me
    posted to my box. Jazaka llahu aherran

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