September 24, 2009

Funny General Chemistry Moments #1

Posted in Chemistry, Humor at 9:27 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am such a silly mood right now because I just found out I have this HUGE project assigned… ahh I forgot the intricacies of the academic world in the past year…. This post is particularly dedicated to Spiderman, who will never learn to appreciate or even simply learn chemistry. (But I will teach you how to balance an equation, insha’ Allah)

I don’t know if this will become a series, but I HAD to put this up–

My chemistry professor put some links on our chemistry webpage to some articles that explain concepts from class. I saw this photo and I broke out laughing in the middle of the computer lab:

Its like this guy. the good news is that he filled up with gas. The bad news is that the gas nozzle is still attached.


(I swear, I am waiting for some friend of mine to do this. I won’t say who. XD)

Random chemistry moment: (What makes it so funny is how my professor can say this with such a straight face)

Professor: So why is this idea a good one? (In reference to his method of calculating atomic mass)

*class is silent*

Professor: I mean, other than that it was MY idea….


(After my professor lectured non stop for an hour about AMUs, moles, atoms, random percent composition, etc.) [roughly quoted]

Me: What… just happened for the past hour?

Friend: We were learning chemistry. Weren’t you paying attention?

Me: Yeah… I took notes, I wrote what he said, but I don’t know what happened.

Friend: Are you okay?

Me: I think I am experiencing a Chemistry Coma…. or a Chemistry Hangover from too much exposure.

And random calculus moments:

Professor: A limit that approaches to two different values from each side is kind of like going out with your honey. Your honey is going to one restaurant (name) and you are going to another restaurant (name). It is inconvenient, but it happens.

Professor: When the (f(x)=x^2) graph vertex hits the x axis, it just *kisses* it.

More as the semester continues….



  1. RK said,

    The picture=the story of my life. And I say what your chem professor said everyday. 🙂

  2. faith786 said,

    Ha. I haven’t done the gas nozzle–and I hope I don’t!– but I found it deep in more ways than one. (Orgo reference specifically)

    Today’s chem moment:

    [Professor writes math problem on the board and his handwriting is really messy]
    Girl (to me): (points to a random squiggle after 7) What number is THAT supposed to be?
    Me: That is his abbreviation for caffiene.

    That summarizes my history class at the moment.

  3. Noreen said,

    HAHAHAHAHA I would totally do that. That caption explains so much about life.

    I have math comas. But aren’t you good at chemistry? What could your professor possibly say for you to get one of those?

    But the graph kissing is so gross!

    Get more Islamic stuff or your posts on how chemistry is in Islam. Those are really good.

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