September 22, 2009

Questions that Keep Faith786 up at Night (Science Edition)

Posted in Chemistry, Humor, Social Commentary at 12:04 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I have been reading my chemistry book, Raphael, and it prompted me to type this post. I apologize to people who are sick of my chemistry rants, but I can’t help myself. It is what I love amongst many other things such as literature, mango kulfi, ice cream, theology, cheesy chemistry lines, and biking….

Why are raindrops depicited with a pointy tip on top? They fall as spheres and you don’t see bubbles going to the surface with pointy bottoms….

Who the HELL came up with the name Yttrium? How do you even say that?

Why are the lab room floors cleaner than the hallway floors right outside of it?

Why do people think heat and cold are different? Cold is just LESS heat….

Why do people think that bubbles in boiling water are ‘air’ or ‘oxygen’ instead of water vapor?

Why do people think it is a property of metals to be ‘cold’? Temperature is NOT a chemical property….

Why do people think dry ice is a form of water? It is solid CO2.

Who or what is a Ethylenediaminetetraacetate? More importantly, why should I care?

Why do people think that if a semi truck and a book fall off a sky scraper, that the book will fall later? Gravity is equal on both objects, so they should hit at the same time.

Why is chemistry in English? I want to hear compounds in Arabic! Imagine: Oozaajeen (Oxygen), Yuraaniyoom (Uranium)–>and the elemental symbols would be a waw (O) or a ya ra (U). That would be so cool….

Why is it that every time you do an experiment correctly, you get a mad percent error, but if you somehow mess up, you get everything perfectly?

Who decided atoms should be depicted as balls? They are NOT clay you just mush together.

Why do science kids almost always go into bio? It is an incontrovertible truth that chemistry is cooler than biology.

Why do people call mechanical pencils, lead pencils? They contain graphite, which is CARBON.

How do lightsabers in Star Wars stay a specific length? I thought light goes all the way until it hits an obstruction. But then again, how do ‘light’sabers cut or penatrate things?

How did the building in Die Hard stay intact after the bomb went off? Not a SINGLE floor collapsed, but all the windows completely shattered. Seriously….

And how did the toilet bomb in Lethal Weapon II work? I mean, if it was pressure sensitive, then the officer could have just put a book on the toilet seat instead of Mel Gibson and him jumping off the floor…and if it was heat sensitive, they could have put a hot water bottle/heating pad.

How do scientists know how big the cosmos is (like, they can pull out random statistics that something is 10^900 light years away) if they can never find the ‘boundary’ of it?

…More later….


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