September 22, 2009

Purification of the Heart, by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

EDIT: This is a super old post in my draft box and I am too lazy to finish it. I am still procrastinating my overdue history homework–

While I am still on my Shaykh Hamza note taking rampage, why don’t I include his book, Purification of the Heart?
I am just basically listing each illness and its cure, so they are not very good notes and I would recommend that everyone should read this book. Again, this is just to summarize or list the core principles. You should read the book.

Purification of the Heart

Miserliness: (stingy/hoarding money) The treatment is to realize those who achieve great wealth normally do so after wasting his/her whole life. And life goes by and soon it is over. So through contemplation can you get over this disease.

Wantonness: (careless or reckless in regards to moral integrity) The treatment is to willfully experience hunger and to reflect the seriousness of death and the afterlife. Hunger is important for spiritual growth and reflecting on death and how we should take it seriously would shatter the the will to be wanton.

Hatred: Pray for the one you hate and with sincerity your heart can mend.

Iniquity: (strong injustice) The cure is to have certainty of the ultimate destiny of humanity–death. Then you have to be fair.

Love of the World: We can love the Quran, our parents etc. but not money, jewels, anything leading to greediness and arrogance. There is no cure that is specifically mentioned, but thinking of death and the reality of life I think can break this one. (My two cents, anyway.)

Envy: Consciously oppose one’s caprice (random change of mind) and the other is to know with certainty that holding envy against another person can harm oneself. Praying for yourself and the other person can help too.

Blameworthy Modesty: (Being too shy to take charge when something goes wrong) No cure is listed, but swallow your fear and stand up if you see something is wrong! =)

Fantasizing: The cure is to think of God or look at your own faults and work on them rather than thinking of other people or things that don’t matter to you.

Fear of Poverty: The treatment is to have a good opinion of God and know that He will provide for you.

Ostentation: (showing off–specifically wealth or being holy) Doing acts of worship in private or when people are not watching. You can also read surah Ikhlas

Relying on Other Than God: Keep thinking of God and how He provides for you, holds all benefits, and tests people.

…Maybe the rest later….


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  1. Noreen said,

    Nice and concise. Please finish the notes!

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