September 16, 2009

My Poems: Our Garden

Posted in Islam, Poetry at 7:04 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

This was inspired at Taraweeh. Don’t ask why, but I pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote this (I removed a few errors):

(Although this is clearly written to Allah swt, I did think of someone else when I wrote it. I’ll give one guess to each person who wants to know. No one guesses correctly, then it will be my secret.) =)

Our Garden

The stars are shining brightly tonight.

People are home with the ones they love dear.

But You and I are together, hidden from sight.

And although other people claim their love is sincere,

Ours is in a Garden that bursts into life.

I am a stranger in this place.

Every day feels less certain than the one before.

How can I keep living… not being able to see Your face?

Everyone is hidden, locking the front door.

But I am in a Garden that ignites with Your light.

Love is between two hearts longing to be one.

Words are only spoken out of yearning.

People who know feel those silent rays of the sun.

People who speak are never learning

That there is a Garden that blossoms into life.

Let me run to You.

From all the things that keep me away.

I wish I could make these thousand  steps a few.

Time and space are simply not the way

To greet You in the Garden that is too beautiful for sight.

If I simply stand there or here,

If I were to be moving or stationary,

If I were to be far or near,

If I were to be real or imaginary,

Will You hold me in the Garden that echos Your name?

I don’t know where–

I don’t know how or when–

I can only stop and stare,

There is so much I can write with this pen,

Before I go mad to run in the Garden that brightens at night.

Love is just four letters,

Others can never understand,

What it is like to be locked in Divine fetters.

Not a single word, but You know wherever I stand

Is in Our Garden that bursts into Life.

(I still think my ‘Allah will Take Care of You’ poem is loads better. But I think I wrote this in longing for God. Sigh… this dunyah can be so depressing. Especially when you have a ********** lab report due in t-27 hours.)


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