September 13, 2009

A Question: What is Grace?

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I was reading about questions that make you think (which half the questions are loaded or can be answered with Islam–I should get my money back) and I came across one question that captivated my interest:

What is Grace?

And the first word that popped in my mind was: Adhab.

And the next thing that came into my mind: Everything and Rasulullah (saw).

So what is “Grace?” I think people can write volumes of encyclopedias of that single word, but I will try to answer different elements of grace in Islam from what I understand.

Note: Basically, I can be wrong and if anything is correct, it is from Allah and my teachers, and anything that is incorrect is from me and my underdeveloped brain.

1. Adhab

—To do anything with grace requires adhab, or proper manners. People often confuse adhab to mean simply good manners. Adhab refers to your dealings with people, yourself and Allah. There is even the adhab of the heart. How you think of others, the world and Allah must be done with adhab. But you should not also confuse adhab with being some stringent, robotic behavior of opening the door for someone or repeating like a tape recorder: “How are you?” Adhab are the little things: smiling at people when you greet them, being gentle with children, feeding animals, genuinely offering help to someone else, listening to others (for a change), and having hope and trust in Allah that He will take care of you. *Hint: similar to my post with a poem of a similar name.

I think adhab is so important for everyone (Muslims and non-Muslims alike) to have if we want to have a functional society. People get extra years in prison if they have bad conduct. Adhab isn’t just motions but a way of thinking–even to some degree, a philosophy of its own. Islam, adhab and grace align perfectly together. And they all orbit Allah in perfect accuracy and precision. *Hint: That was a plug to Surah Rahman

2. Rasulullah

—He epitomized (Sarah: epiTOME) grace. Everything he did–the way he spoke, walked, talked, moved, slept, ate, listened, acted, thought–the way he used to smile, even the sweetest silence in his eyes were all done in the purest form of grace. Grace is the pure form of gentleness and gentleness is the pure form of love (for Allah). Rasulullah (saw) had all those things and so much more. May Allah shower us with grace so we can be like Rasulullah (saw). Aameen.

3. Everything

—The world–the universe–everything ever created was all done in perfect grace. It was done with elegance, beauty and so much love from Allah swt. The least we can do is try to echo that grace in whatever we say, do or think. All our senses should be flooded with doing everything good, with elegance, gentleness, beauty, thoughtfulness, love, mercy and compassion. If there is anything I want after Ramadan (after learning to have complete hope, faith and trust in Allah) is to have pure grace. But I suppose to have that grace is to have hope, faith and trust in Allah swt.

I love how in Islam if you want one good quality, you have to have other ones too. Everything is connected so perfectly… like how C (graphite) and C (diamond) make perfect patterns and one is in mechanical pencils that we write with and the other is on gold or silver rings girls wear… and yet they are composed of the same pure element… what a shameless chemistry plug.

Oh Allah, grant me Your most perfect Grace and let it light the world, our eyes, our hearts, our ruh (souls), our minds and let it be the same light that guides us to You. The same Grace that will guide all our movements and thoughts to be good and keep them away from being bad. And let that same Grace guide us to completely, absolutely and full heartedly put our hopes, faith and trust into You. Please… don’t leave us with our poor judgments alone… even for a second. Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Hadi, Please give us all Ishq, Quidance, Adhab, Taqwa, Grace, Yaqeen, Ihsaan, and everythign that is good for us physically, psychologically, and spiritually and keep us away from everything that is bad for us physically, psychologically and spiritually. And pour contentment, peace and certainty in our hearts with You. And please save us from the punishment of the grave, the punishment of the hell fire and please forgive all our sins. The ones we know, the ones we don’t know, the ones we did intentionally, unintentionally, in neglect, in contempt, please wash them away with Your Mercy, Ya Rahman. And please send countless blessings on Your Beloved Rasulullah (saw) and please grant us his Grace and let us have his company in this world in our hearts and in the akhirah. And please forgive us and cover us, Ya Ghaffar. And bless us with certainty (with no other ilahs) that there is no god but You, Ya Allah. Aameen.

…I felt emotionally and spiritually compelled to write that. Okay, now I better do that chemitry pre-lab (with grace… don’t curse Microsoft excel, don’t curse Microsoft excel….)



  1. Noreen said,


    Amazing. We never really see this side of Islam come out in toady’s society or lectures.

  2. hina said,

    subhanallah that is simply beautiful… and very moving

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