August 30, 2009

A Letter to Muslim Chicks, Feminazis, Convertible Tops, Teenagers, and H**jabis

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

This letter has been on my mind to write, for I have been exasperated by the sheer lunacy of Muslim women trying to ‘liberate’ or ‘improve’ the view of women in Islam and the other group of women who let people trample on their rights. I am no scholar or jurist, but it is about time someone stands up and addresses this issue head on. This letter is in no way politically correct, as to avoid taking away the meaning of my message. If you cannot handle it, get out of the oven. If you have comments or remarks, you can comment in a rational and logical manner. This is just a rough draft, so the grammar may be horrendous and I may improve on it later. Otherwise, read, contemplate and even enjoy:

From the Desk of Faith786, future Dictator 4 Life and Emperor of the Free World:

Dear Muslim Chicks, Feminazis, Convertible Tops, Teenagers, and H**jabis,

I hope this letter reaches you in the best of Iman and health. I have more doubts in the latter than the former as some of you overindulge in eating or starve yourselves and completely neglect exercise. And some of your dietary habits are appalling. I won’t even take a shot that you probably condemn women who cook, and then you will go home to a freshly cooked meal by your mother.

Let us cut to the chase, shall we? Today’s representation of women is pathetic. We are seen as either as oppressed backward women or completely ‘liberal’  ‘westernized’ women who go out with boys, don’t pray, are stupid, and painted up. And Feminazis: you all think that women have ‘equal’ rights as men and men are stupid and woefully ignorant as they must provide money, cook, clean and raise the kids. You are there to go to work if you want to, sit around all day, and be a drill sergeant if he puts a toe out of line. And the chicks, h**jabis, and teenagers only want to be desperately noticed by other men by behaving completely stupid, wearing super tight clothes with a perfectly pinned hijab, and wearing more make up than a geisha.

I understand: you want to be noticed by being ‘beautiful’ while at the same being respected as a ‘women’ AND being treated like a princess without a responsibility in the world. Not to mention you want to be seen as better than men. (Don’t lie it: you say you want to be equal, but secretly you have an inferiority/superiority complex.) Well guess what? How STUPID is your logic? As the famous Dave Chapelle said: (about women who dress bad and want to be respected) “Just because I am dressed a certain way, does NOT make me a wh*re.” (Then he mentions that he dresses up like a cop and a person comes and asks for help) “Just because I am dressed a certain way, does NOT make me a cop.”

How can you dress up and act a certain way and want men and other people to respect you as an intellectual and independent woman? And how can you expect men to do everything for you in marriage? How arrogant must you be? In a marriage BOTH people must give in the relationship. As a human being, you have to work. I am not saying you have to be a house slave, but you can’t say that you won’t clean a single plate because it is ‘beneath’ you. Your mom probably does the dishes and you don’t think any less of her. And the Prophet (saw) used to help with household work. Just because you aren’t getting paid for it doesn’t mean it is demeaning. In fact, you get good deeds, spiritual barakah, and happiness from Allah swt. And it increases nur in the house and in the people who live in it. Again, I am NOT saying that you must slave over a stove day and night, but you have to understand that there is a spiritual and physical benefit to doing things around the house. Food and cooking is a unknown spiritual science. By cooking halal food and saying thikr/Quran, you cleanse your body and increase goodness inside of you. And not to mention, it is critical for a happy marriage. If people are deprived of food/good food, fights start and rifts begin. Not all marriages rely on the woman cooking, but there must be an agreement that someone must cook. Actually, both people should know basic cooking as it is a life skill and if the woman is pregnant or ill, a man should be able to cook and accommodate for her needs. But you lot need to realize that there is no shame in cooking and that in fact, it is an honor and helps you achieve Iman. And a clean house invites Allah’s nur and angels, so you and your family will receive barakah and khair.

Now you are probably thinking: ‘This nut job is like one of those oppressed women who believe women should cook and clean and be obedient robots with no brains and be ugly.’ No and far from it.  I believe a woman should be intelligent, well versed, a thinker, a student of knowledge and much more. But I suppose I lost you at intelligent as all you probably think about is how to make your figure more apparent or that men should kiss your feet.

REAL women in Islam have been healers, teachers, warriors, leaders*, thinkers, social workers, walis, and scholars. Aisha (RA) was known to have contributed so much to the knowledge and understanding of Islam that the way we learn it today would be much more difficult without her. She was also a teacher and a healer at the tender age of 18. Which is more than I could ever probably say about you. Saffiyah (RA) was a warrior who helped pick up arrows on the battlefield and when the women were in Madinah in one battle while the Muslim men were out, a man entered the city. She did not want him to tell the rest of his army that only women were in the city, so she took one of the support poles of the tent she was in and killed him with it. Rabia Al-Adawiyah was a famous Muslim mystic who devoted her life to being close to Allah swt and men would come to her to learn from her. Zainab RA was known as the Mother of the Poor as she used to help feed poor people while being a wife of the Prophet saw. Not to forget to mention the countless sahabiyat who learned Islam, raised good families and helped the community. These are REAL women. They didn’t need to get attention of men or waste their time rambling how they aren’t treated like princesses. They stood up and made something of their lives. They helped others, themselves, and the world. They educated themselves. And I am not saying you can’t be pretty. If you maintain proper Islamic hygiene, have a proper diet WITH exercise and wear clean, ironed clothing, I am willing to bet that Allah swt will grant you beauty and nur. And I believe in facial cleanser. Please use facial cleanser. No foundation, facial cleanser.

And all you Muslim chicks, Feminazis, h**jabis, and convertible tops need to be begging forgiveness from humanity and Allah swt by distorting the image of what a beautiful Muslim woman is. Maybe if you stopped trying to impress others (ahem, men), you could actually learn something to function as proper human beings in society. And please stop wearing all that perfume. It is considered sinful wearing it in public. I remember back in my junior year of high school, a girl wanted to store her perfume in my locker and when she did, it somehow knocked over and spilled onto my calculator and now the smell of Victoria Secret’s Lovespell hasn’t come off to this day. Now whenever I need to graph a problem, I get nauseated from this stench. Darn you perfume obsessed chicks!

On the topic of beauty, unless you have a uni/monobrow, you should not do anything to your eyebrows. It is haraam. There is a hadith that to do your eyebrows is to be like that of a prostitute. (And I believe all 4 madhabs agree that it is forbidden.) A woman is only allowed to remove the hair in between her eyebrows. And personally, I think guys only care if you have two of them. And if a guy cares so much about your eye brows being shaped instead of your intelligence and Iman, do you really want to be with him? And have you seen some eyebrows lately? It looks like someone has a permanently surprised look. Kinda freaky if you ask me….

But back to the topic at hand: don’t say a Muslim woman is someone who is a house slave with no education. Don’t say a Muslim woman is a stupid doll who can’t do anything but be house decor. Islam makes girls women and boys men. We are intelligent, beautiful, respectful, strong, spiritual beings with the ability to get close to Allah and help change the world. We just have a different role than men. Men and women are not equal. They are equitable. And that is the difference between Islam and the ‘West.’ Men and women are complimentary. Society cannot survive with only one gender. We are characters playing a role commanded by God at the guidance of Divine movement and pace. Don’t think you are better or worse because you are a woman. We have roles men can never fulfill and they have roles we can never have. We have gifts they don’t have and they have gifts we don’t have. But the beautiful thing is, we are the same in God’s eyes**. We have equal capacities in spiritual progress, but we just have different paths as individuals.

So be strong! Be brave! Be intelligent! Be beautiful! Keep your honor! And let the beauty of Islam be in everything that you do. Wear loose, not transparent clothing. Leave the make up. Forget about impressing men. Learn how to cook, clean AND other resourceful skills. Read about the brilliant men AND women of Islam. Take time every day to think about yourself and Allah. Help your families. Help your communities. Help yourselves. And don’t think for a moment that you are inhibited by being a woman. Have Ishq. Have Yaqeen. Have Hayaa’. Have Taqwa. Trust in Allah. Have hope in Allah. And..

…Allah will take care of you.

Ma’a Salaam,



*leaders: I am not suggesting Muslim women should be khalifahs or Imams (wa iyathu bilah). But they can be leaders in the sense of having halaqahs, groups to do community service or teachers. (Teachers can be considered as a type of leader.)

**God’s eyes: I am not suggesting He has human qualities (double wa iyathu bilah) but the concept on how He views us.

Ishq= Pure love for Allah

Yaqeen= Absolute, complete trust in Allah

Hayaa’ = Modesty (outer: clothes, gaze. inner: thoughts and perception of others)

Taqwa= God consciousness

If I have made any error in information or somehow misrepresented what Islam should be, may Allah forgive me. Again, I am no scholar, wali or jurist. I am just a Muslim female who is sick of what other groups of Muslim women are doing.



  1. crespoh69 said,

    Asalaam aleykum sister, mashalla I really liked this article and your writing, can you add an RSS link for those of us that want to be updated with your writing?

  2. faith786 said,

    Walaikum Assalam!

    Thank you for reading it. I am technologically illiterate and I have no idea what an RSS link is, but if you want to teach me, I would be happy to learn!

    (I should add that to the letter that a real Muslim woman is always willing to learn.) =)

    If you like this article, you may like the stuff in the My Epiphanies category. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Noreen said,

    I love it! Funny and inspirational. This totally needs to be on the front page of wordpress.

    But on a serious note, what you wrote is really true. I hope you write more letters like this in the future!

  4. spiderman said,

    “And I believe in facial cleanser. Please use facial cleanser. No foundation, facial cleanser” LMAO LMAO OMG LMAO

    well said young grasshopper. im gunna print it out and hand this out at jummah/taraweeh

  5. jojo said,

    You have a lovely blog and absolutely cute and brilliant art ideas. Great collection must say.

    I am here for the first time and sure to be here for a while and be back often too. 🙂 Keep it going.

    Do take a peep into my blog when you find time too.

    jo jo

  6. crespoh69 said,

    Asalaam Aleykum,

    here you go sister:

    Never really got into blogging myself so new to the whole adding rss myself. Basically what it is is you create the link using the above (Where I got it from: ) that people can subscribe to so that they get updated without having to hurry over to the site every few minutes or spamming the refresh button lol. This way they can use their reader of choice, say google reader, to get updates at the end of the day if they’d like. Great for like news sites and such.

  7. abdulrahman abbas said,

    mashallah hadha min fadhly rabbi.

  8. abdulrahman abbas said,

    al hayatu minal iman

  9. DennisVega said,

    Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! I find your interpretation of these groups of women hilarious.

  10. Tnelson said,

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

  11. nadia said,

    wow love i agree totally the pressure is still on from other muslim women though its sad i just had a fight with a student of mine on posting things on facebook like “would you date so and so or would you kiss” and they just cannot understand that these quizzes are degrading and shameful and shows the kind of person they are to them “its just a quiz no one reads it” i mean am i the only one who sees the wrong in this? im tired so im probably not explaining my concern properly. but i do think that these social networking sites are used by others to degrade intentionally or not.

  12. Jazakallahu khair sister….this is exactly how I feel XD

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