August 22, 2009

Things You Can Do in Ramadan

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

So I was reading about things one can do in Ramadan and I thought that I could write up a list. The difference between me and the other people writing lists is that mine is for purely selfish reasons in hopes that if someone reads this and acts upon it, I shall get some barakah. XD At least I am honest–I am fasting so I can’t lie. =)

Edit: Don’t forget to make as much duaa as you can!

1. Do Taubah. be it salah, thikr, sadaqah or (especially) contemplation.

2. Park your car far from the masjid for Taraweeh. Not only will you give elders parking spots near the masjid, you get more hasanaat the more you walk to the masjid. And I personally love the walk to a masjid brightly lit by both street lights and nur.

3. After Fajr, sit in your spot and don’t talk to anyone and just do thikr/read Quran. Then after sunrise, do salatul Ishraaq. Outside of Ramadan, the reward is as much as an accepted hajj and umrah (and more). So in Ramadan, that is quantified even more.

4. Do Salatul Tasbeeh, Awabeen, Taubah, tahajud etc. as much as possible. Salatul Tasbeeh is a must.

5. Throughout Ramadan (especially the last 10 nights because they are about protection from the hell fire) make as much duaa as you humanly can. Especially ‘Allah Huma Ajirni Min An-naar.”

6. Before iftar, spend couple minutes making duaa. Specifically for forgiveness, your family, mankind, the environment, the world condition, closeness to Allah, etc.

7. Read Quran. Keep reading until you get tired. Then do fresh wudu and read some more. And then more.

8. Try to go to Taraweeh and even if your don’t pray all the rakahs, listen to the recitation of the Quran.

9. When you wake up for Suhoor, do two rakahs so it counts as ibadah in the last 1/3 of the night.

10. Try to make or help make iftar. You will get the barakah of the people who fasted when they eat your food.

11. Make prayer on Rasulullah (saw) as much as possible. People often underrate this and need to understand that he is one of our connections to Allah swt.

12. Say Ayatul Qursi right after every fard prayer.

13. Smile at people.

14. The money you typically spend for breakfast and lunch, give it away as sadaqah.

15. Please brush your teeth before going to Taraweeh and after you eat Suhur. And before going to the masjid. It is sunnah.

16. Make spiritual goals to improve yourself as a human being. Ramadan isn’t about being a good Muslim for a month. It is a time to improve ourselves even more for the rest of our lives.

17. Spend time in contemplation. There is actual barakah in this and to improve ourselves is better than to receive ma’rifah.

18. Feed animals. There is both good deeds and spiritual barakah in this. You could just throw pieces of stale bread for the birds and it will help your spiritual state. Don’t forget about the prostitute that gave a thirsty dog water….

19. Say the shahadah (and the kalimahs) as much as you can. The more you do it, the more you think of Allah.

20. Don’t forget to exercise. I am not saying go bench press weights, but even going for a jog after Taraweeh can help your body’s metabolism in this month and try not to fall asleep immediately after eating suhoor/iftar. Bigger reason to do salatul Ishraaq and Taraweeh.

21. ADHAB ADHAB ADHAB. Be courteous. Be kind. Don’t backbite. Smile. Hold the door open for someone behind you coming into the masjid, Help pick up trash in the masjid. These simple deeds often feel unmarked, but they get you closer to Allah swt.

22. Don’t fight. Just don’t. Even if everyone is an idiot or someone in the masjid is insulting you. Suck it up. It isn’t worth wasting your valuable Ramadan time.

23. If you are missing some namaaz during the year, make it up now.

24. (I actually heard this, so it must be addressed) Just because Shaytaan is chained in this month, does NOT give you an excuse for the opposite gender to meet up. (People think that the hadith that if a man and a woman are alone, the third is shaytaan doesn’t apply in Ramadan) If it was bad outside of Ramadan, it is bad in Ramadan.

25. Get up for Suhoor when your mom is calling you. Don’t be a punk and go back to sleep.

26. Do NOT eat nihari, mirchi ka salaan, spicy gyros, or some other crazy food for Suhoor. I do not need to explain why.

27. Eat light at Iftar so you can do Taraweeh (if you have too much food, you get sleepy or you have to use the bathroom) and eat again after Taraweeh.

28. Kids, help your mom with the dishes and household work.

29. Don’t get angry.

30. And don’t forget to call onto Allah for anything and everything.

…I think my list should stop here. Now I have to go and try to live up to it. RAMADAN MUBARAK!



  1. zarin malekzada said,

    Thank you, After reading this page it really made me think twice about fasting and Ramadan. I will try my best to start reading the Holy book and Fast.

  2. Ahmad said,

    Thank u for reminding us-excellent

  3. Mansoor said,

    I love this page barakallah feek I hope allah swt gives you reward for everyone you have reminded in our holy month

  4. Sarah said,

    This list is awesome, masha’Allah!! I wish I read it at the beginning of Ramadan. But I’ll try to implement these tips throughout the rest of the month.

    (btw, i always eat salan for suhoor, lol)

  5. ameena said,

    Eatin whatever I want on fotoor will not help me later in Taraweeh prayers. I have to keep remindin myself each time I sit for iftar :$

    gr8 job bro!
    keep up the good work 😉

  6. faith786 said,

    Thanks for all the comments and may all of you be blessed by Allah and be given, khushoo, yaqeen, sakina, taqwa, and everything that is good and be protected from all that is evil. And that you may be saved from the hell fire, punishment of the grave and any form of punishment in this life and the hereafter. And myself too. Ameen!

    Sarah: GROSS. But some salans are okay–just not mirchi ka salan. I think it looks and smells so gross…


    • khadija said,

      what are u saying

      • faith786 said,

        What do you mean? What specifically doesn’t make sense that I can clarify?

  7. Elsa said,

    subhanallah…makes me think deep

  8. Dina said,

    Thank you for the list! I can’t wait until ramadan starts in either august 1 or july 31! I stiLL don’t know and today is july 21!! Hmm! Anyways, I’ll try my best to follow the list! Thank Youuu!!

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