August 20, 2009

My Poems: Allah Will take Care of You

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

This poem was totally inspired after going on the treadmill for 4 miles at 10:00 PM. (Don’t ask) No edits, done in 13 minutes. I might edit it, but believe it or not. I think I may actually like this one. This is dedicated to all the people out there that have problems, worry about the future, or feel down. I may never see you or know you, but know that I was thinking of you. Consider it a cheap Ramadan gift, although I think it has a powerful message (in terrible rhetoric… is that the right word?) Hope you like it!

Allah Will Take Care of You

On the road but you have no destination.

No words said but you can feel the sensation.

This world seems unreal so you hide in your imagination,

We are only characters playing a role as God’s creation.

Every downfall is only a path to spiritual elevation,

Get up brilliant noble people of Islam’s nation.

Forget everything and enter the world beyond sound or hue.

Feel the heart’s rhythm that Allah will take care of you.

You don’t know it but it is a Divine Miracle.

Only if you breathe it in can you reach your pinnacle.

Embrace it slowly and do not listen to the cynical.

We are so determined to make ourselves the obstacle,

There is someone watching us outside of our minds’ cubicle.

Say it loud and clear and break the chains from the physical.

Use not your eyes but your heart to look past the view.

Fall into the fact that Allah will take care of you.

Oh you who has been blessed with God’s grace,

Step forward and let His Nur brighten your face.

Trust that every single atom made in the entire space,

Only does God’s Will at the Divine pace.

Don’t think your will can compete against God’s in a race.

Be content that where you are is only a temporary place.

The words of this message can only be so many or so few,

Trust in Allah that Allah will take care of you.

The universe comes to greet us every night.

Suns are little specks compared to your heart’s light.

Speak your soul and trust in Allah tonight.

There is no other way to say this forthright.

The only person who can help you is you in this insight.

Say it everyday and make every moment make it anew.

Submit all your thoughts to remember that Allah will take care of you.

Oh (my name), can’t your blind eyes see?

It was never about your will, but your destiny.

Say it loud and clear: God will watch over me

Don’t ever forget it and let it shadow you for eternity.

Let this beautiful fact pull you in God’s gravity.

Fall into God’s embrace and don’t think you never knew.

Let it echo in every soul that Allah will take care of you.

Hope you enjoyed it. Comments, criticism, thoughts, etc. are appreciated.

…I just realized the beat is TERRIBLE. My apologies. Too lazy to fix it right now….



  1. spiderman said,






    i wrote a poem for u

    the fat cat
    sat on the mat



  2. faith786 said,

    HAR HAR. You didn’t finish reading the poem. But yours is very spiritually enlightening. Yes it is indeed.

    (btw, your smileys look evil.)

  3. halima said,

    mashaallah this is beautiful x

  4. Sarah said,

    Amazing 🙂 Masha’Allah.

  5. Noreen said,

    Beautiful. Reminds me of the What is Grace? post. One of your best poems. But is there a line missing in the last stanza or was that purposely done?

  6. hina said,

    beautifully written and very inspirational.. the best part is i can really relate to it 🙂

  7. Sarah said,

    Masha Allah amazing

  8. sally said,

    That was beautiful!!!
    do u have any copyright? or I Can use it

  9. reign said,

    I’m amazed with this poem. So beautiful.

  10. allahs believer said,

    wooow,, i was told to write someting abt my god in the school poetry evening n chose this one…amazing poem

  11. al insyirah said,

    subhanallah.what u’ve done is great…

  12. sajad lone said,


  13. abdul said,

    awesome poem dont worry rhythm was awesome

  14. sabrina said,

    it was a really good poem mashallah keep it up i am really upset about something as well but i will never loss hope in my allah because at the end its only allah that matters.

  15. Milla said,

    I am just so amazed! I had a really low moment today and read your poem! Feeling amazing now, I will read this every morning and every evenign from now on. thanks!

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