February 16, 2009

Four things

Posted in Character, Hadith, Islam, Knowledge, Sufism, Tazkiyah at 4:42 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Found this in my inbox, so i don’t know the initial source. My apologies.

The holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

1) Four things that make your body sick:

a) Excessive talking (uh-oh)
b) Excessive sleeping
c) Excessive eating and (uh-oh again)
d) Excessive meeting other people

2) Four things that destroys the body:

a) Worrying
b) Sorrow (Sadness/Grief)
c) Hunger
d) Sleeping late in the night

3) Four things that dry the face & take away its happiness:

a) Lying
b) Being disrespectful / impudent (insisting on something wrong knowingly)
c) Arguing without adequate knowledge & Information.
d) Excessive immorality (doing something wrong without fear).

4) Four things that increases the wetness of face & its happiness:

a) Piety
b) Loyalty
c) Generosity (being kind)
d) To be helpful to others without he/she asking for that.

5) Four things that stop the Rizq (Sustenance):

a) Sleeping in the morning (from Fajr to sunrise)
b) Not Performing Namaz or Ir-regular in Prayers
c) Laziness / Idleness
d) Treachery / Dishonesty

6) Four things that bring / increase the Rizq:

a) Staying up in the night for prayers.
b) Excessive Repentance
c) Regular Charity
d) Zikr(Remembrance of Allah / God).



  1. mally said,


  2. Saba Yousaf said,

    Yeh talking/meeting the wrong people, the cause of my sadness & worry.

  3. faith786 said,

    I hope insha’ Allah you will have happiness brought back in your life. We all struggle with that problem, but I know I am very lucky for some of the friends I have. Alhamdulillah! Hey–we can be friends too! Online buddies.

  4. Saba Yousaf said,

    Im grateful to Allah (swt) to be a Muslimah and happiness comes from Him(swt)

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