January 20, 2009

My Poems: Distance

Posted in Poetry at 2:59 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

For all the people who have friendship problems and feel ‘distant.’ Looking back at it, the style needs some work. For so many people, close and far, who I may never see again:


Nervous I am, and can feel my heart hasten,

So long it has been and I wish the distance would lessen.

Can’t speak–things are falling apart and the center cannot hold.

Even you have become silent that it changed my world.

I wish to see you, but I keep getting further away.

Why can’t we start over and renew what we wish to say?

Although the distance, I can feel your hesitation.

We are both on a road with no real destination.

Please say what it is to me, don’t get lost in the silence of the sea.

Don’t succumb to apathy.

I don’t believe in rushing things, but I don’t want this to turn cold.

Let it out to the light and the sky will unfold.

A hidden wish and aspiration.

Come now friend, and let the distance lessen.

The still water surrenders in agitation.

In the midst of everything there is always a lesson.

A hidden wish or aspiration,

Please help in your part to help the distance lessen.

I know if we keep trying, we’ll make it through.

No matter what, I will always believe in you.

You secretly know exactly how it feels.

The silent loneliness and when your heart reels.

Colors are fading when they used to be so bold.

We need to renew what appears to be old.

I keep trying to find between us a way.

After every night must come the day.

I know in times like these, we get stuck in aggravation,

We are merely friends lost in a different dimension.

Don’t you want to be free and say what it is to me?

Break the silence of the sea.

After all said and done, don’t listen to what you have been told.

Together, we can get past this fold.

A hidden wish or aspiration,

Before it is too late, let us hasten.

Don’t give in to faulty sensation.

Only together we can make the distance lessen.

A hidden wish and aspiration,

I don’t know it yet, but I know there is a lesson.

Our hearts can make it through,

Only if this friendship is made anew.

We have to get past this inner resistance

To get past this ever long distance.



  1. ionnes said,

    Good solid poem. I like the last stanza a lot.
    You should check out my work sometime also.
    Keep the creative juices flowin.

  2. faith786 said,

    Thank you! I have checked your blog and I feel like an amateur and that I got a compliment from a real poet. And you keep on writing your wonderful poetry too!
    Peace, salaam, shalom!

  3. ionnes said,

    Poetry is by no means a contest.
    The dreams that live within us must be expressed in some way.
    Do it to it :p

  4. faith786 said,

    Oh no! I meant nothing like that! I just admired your poetry a lot it made me feel little. But poetry is an art form to express the heart to the heart of another. Thank you for reminding me that.

  5. Noreen said,

    It is a strong poem.You are getting better at poetry! I like:

    ‘We are both on a road with no real destination.’

    ‘We are merely friends lost in a different dimension.’

    And I like the first and last stanza a lot. (And the whole poem.)

    I can relate to it–it is very real. Keep it going!

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