January 20, 2009

Arrest Bush!

Posted in Epiphanies, Knowledge, Social Justice at 2:42 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am not someone hard on politics, but seeing it is such an important issue (a social justice issue I may add), it NEEDS to be addressed. Bloggers out there, write posts. People out there, talk about it. We need to pressure soon to be President Obama to arrest Bush and the Bush administration for war crimes, crimes against humanity and whatever else the Bush administration has been hiding to the public.

I am for peace, justice, love and for who ever holds it. And I am currently ashamed of what the leaders of the country I am from have done/are doing. It has recently come to light that detainees in Guantanamo Bay have been tortured (now officially) and Bush’s senior Pentagon official, Susan Crawford, had admitted that legal definition of torture has been used on at least one dentainee. (Specifically water boarding)

This begs the question of other detainees, why habeus corpus was suspended on the detainees, and what else has been going on Guantanamo Bay. With all the information released on Gitmo, President Bush, Vice President Cheney and pretty much the whole Bush administration are unofficial international war criminals.

But get this–President Bush can sign pardons for everybody and let everyone get off. But that is only in America. Because they broke international peace treaty clauses, they can be arrested in other countries if they travel abroad. But if they don’t travel abroad, other countries can claim that the United States is holding war criminals, *JUST LIKE WHEN BUSH CLAIMED AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, PAKISTAN AND OTHER COUNTRIES DID.*

So people, speak out! Don’t wait for another country to catch the United States for its war criminals. We should be strong enough to admit to mistakes and finally clean them up so we can move on. Ignoring them will only make them worse. It is like WWII with the Germans, the Vietnam War, Clinton bombing Sudan, and McCarthyism. We get a new administration and let old sins pass so that they can come again is a worse form–in this case, the Iraq War and pretty much all the bloodshed in the Middle East. We need to stop this. It is time the torturers are taken to trial for their crimes. By electing Bush and Cheney, we also carry part of the sin of torturing people at Gitmo. So people, stand up! Speak out! Complain! That is what make the United States special–we can do that! That only way we can stop the Bush administration is to speak out now! President elect (and soon President Obama) Arrest Bush and those participating in torture and other war crimes!

Justice is for everyone and when someone does something wrong in a fully conscious mind, he/she should be held responsible. An immoral act CANNOT be done for moral reasons! Something that is morally wrong CANNOT be politically correct. We need to stop doing wrong things for the right reasons. It was wrong when (if you believe the 9/11 hijackers were Muslims) so called Muslims did it on 9/11, when Christian crusaders hit the Middle East, when Zionists are bombing Palestine, when the Iraq war was justified, or any war for that matter. I bet you can’t name a single war that was absolutely necessary. I call on everyone out there to stand up for peace! Stand up for justice! Stand up for the oppressed and arrest Bush!

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  1. malrose9389 said,

    i would agree that most wars cant be justified, but what about the battle of Badr and Uhud?

  2. faith786 said,

    Those are battles, not wars. In Islam, fighting can only be used as a defense–NEVER an offense. And even in battle, if a person surrenders, you cannot harm him/her. You can’t hurt women and children. You can’t burn crops are create floods. You can’t be doing it for a vendetta, political gain or personal reasons. It is only used for defense and only when it is *absolutely* necessary. In the Prophet’s (saw) time, they were persecuted for years before the battle of Badr took place.

    Wars are *offensive* fighting from both sides that does not involve defense and does involve political, economical, and/or social gain. Wars involve senseless fighting and/or genocides and things Islam could NEVER allow. So I would not classify them as wars, but I will admit that in history, there are other things Muslims have done that can be classified as wars that I am completely against. You cannot spread Islam by the ‘way of the sword.’ It is simply wrong.

    I am a pacifist and the only time I would ever allow fighting is in a life and death defense and only as a last resort as did the Prophet (saw).

    But more importantly, President in an hour to be, ARREST BUSH AND SHUT DOWN GUANTANAMO BAY!

  3. Noreen said,

    I support you–


    Seriously, this post is amazing. I hope Obama nails him. If not Obama, France. If not France, Germany. If not Germany, Belgium. If not Belgium, someone! Everyone! Speak out!

    (I love your last paragraph and your whole post–sounds like a speech!)

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