January 1, 2009

Chemistry in the REAL world (III)

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,


(C=concentration, V=volume)

This formula represents the inverse relationship of concentration and volume. When volume goes up, concentration goes down and vice versa. As dorky as it sounds, the first example I thought of when I heard about this formula is about fair trade vs. crazy abuse of many workers with jobs that pay little to work insanely hard. If you force people to work long hours, their quality or concentration of work goes down. But with fair trade, it is supposed to stabilize work hours and pay, so by giving less time (not too little though) more work and concentration can be done.

Oxidation Reduction

(Exchange of electrons, like further ionization, in a reaction.)

Very simple concept: you lose something (electron) to gain something else (electron). That can apply to anything in society. (Lose one full time job to get another different one.) Also in oxidation redox, you are changing something from its initial state to a different state by taking/giving something (electron) to it. Sounds like inventing something or closing down a line of anti-PETA products in a company–it can make the business in a different state (of financial setback or success). Not the best example, but it can help you look at atoms and electrons as white collar workers for Bill Gates or low paid overworked employees at the risk of getting promoted or laid off something.

Stoichiometry (CANNOT spell that word): P1/T1=P2/T2

(P=Pressure, T=Temperature)

Well, while I am still on the *ethics* of business in this post, let us keep going. Pressure and temperature are directly proportional. One goes up, so does the other. If you force blue collar workers to work in really hot places like a boiler room, pressure in their jobs can go up. Granted, if it is too cold, pressure also goes up for workers, but assuming that 73 F is the zero temperature baseline (take into account that is room temperature) anything lower would be negative pressure. (Pathetic pun). But just take in consideration the first half of this paragraph.

Another example would be driving cars or flying airplanes. (The former group, tax cab drivers and chauffeurs, do not get paid enough generally, but pilots do. Well… most pilots get paid well.) If the car is too hot, the engine will be under pressure, which can lead to malfunctions. Same for planes–if there is too much atmospheric pressure, it can cause the engine to overheat or make the plane warm, leading to further problems.

…Not the best examples as they appeared in my head, but you get the point….

Equilibrium A+B<–>C+D

(A reaction can go both ways.)

The cliche saying–an action causes and equal and opposing reaction–happens a lot in Chemistry and in the real world, you get bullied as a kid, the reaction may be that you as an adult may be paying tax dollars for that bully’s prison cell. XD (Calvin and Hobbes reference right there.) Or if you overwork blue collar workers, they may revolt against you.

Islam: Mini History and Exactness

Jabir Ibn Hayyam helped in the experimental methods of Chemistry such as filtration, evaporation and crystallization. Muhammad ibn Zakariyah ar-Razi helped with sublimation and dry distillation. (I know very little of medieval Islam….)

Okay… enough history.

You see this concept of being exact in Chemistry. Even to the electrical charge value of an electron, in determining concentration of compounds in a solution and even the shape of atoms. In Islam, there is a similar exactness looked at when it is said in the Quran that a person would be accountable for all the good and evil he/she done, even if it the weight of an atom. And if Allah is to be the Most Just, He must be exact in every decision He makes. No more or less. People often think that Allah’s Kindness would break that exactness or even not be Just (wa iyathubillah) because it is giving too much to a person, but what people don’t think about is that Allah’s Kindness *compliments* His Justness. They are together, not separate. As is God’s punishment and Mercy. They work together. So exactness is apparent in both Chemistry and in Islam.

…More later….



  1. Tarifa said,

    I like how you cover many different things in your blog while keeping your religion the focus. This is a very insightful post and interesting series. I don’t think many people have thought about things like this. Thank you for giving me a fresh perspective to read and reflect upon.

  2. mally said,

    Equilibrium A+BC+D
    “if you overwork blue collar workers, they may revolt against you.” – makes sense.

  3. mally said,

    hahah i love how you wrote “Okay… enough history” after like two sentences

  4. Noreen said,

    LOL. Agree with Mally!

    Interesing connections you made though. Never thought of Chemistry in the business world. XD

  5. faith786 said,

    Yeah, history isn’t really my thing. Normally I love Islamic history, but my mom told me that and I double checked it online to make sure it is true. If anyone knows any good Islamic history and science in the Medieval times book, let me know.

    And Mally, as for A+BC+D, I was thinking the same thing about exterminators and rats… XD.

  6. SistaR said,

    haha I have a stoich test coming up sooon. This could help Insha’Allah. Jazaaks

  7. faith786 said,

    No problem! Jazak’Allah that you think it can help you. I assume you are a high school student, no?

    Please feel free to check out my other Chemistry in the real world posts. I currently have four up and the fifth should be up soon and the sixth is on the way. Gets harder coming up with new things.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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