December 10, 2008

My Poems: Dried Ink

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I was hoping that my poem writing will improve and this time I actually edited this poem before putting it up (but I am still not satisfied with it). It does not have a burst of energy in its tone (like Mystic Lovers) but I was hoping this poem would have longer lasting effect on its reader. I dunno–guess you would have to check it yourself. I hope you like it–I have been working hard on this poem and I have already caught three lines I want to edit, but I am putting it up as it is. (By the way, the second and fourth line of each stanza should be indented, but wordpress isn’t doing it. Gah!):


Dried Ink


You and I can never prove,

—That what is never told can be.

The nostalgic winds flicker and move,

—Forever so silently.


Never will a today be like yesterday.

—Maybe the breeze will carry your name.

No other words can say,

—What it is and still be the same.


Never will the winds cease to blow;

—Moments sparkle and blink.

What you never said, I will never know.

—My paper is long but you ran out of ink.


A cold wind took you away.

—Today is always gone tomorrow,

Just as night is always after day.

—Time is something we can never borrow.


The black wind keeps blowing,

—Pulling us worlds apart–however,

I cannot keep going without you knowing,

—That your ink has stained me forever.




  1. Noreen said,

    I like how it sounds so subtle and so nostalgic at the same time. It can apply in many different ways. I like it.

  2. faith786 said,

    Thank you. I am looking at it now and it seems very sappy. That is the problem with poetry–it can look great and absurd at the same time. But I see so many problems with this poem that I should fix. Oh well.

  3. Noreen said,

    I love the whole poem, but I like specifically:

    The nostalgic winds flicker and move,/ Forever so silently.


    What you never said, I will never know./ My paper is long but you ran out of ink.

    It sounds like a very subtle love poem

  4. faith786 said,

    Thank you, Noreen for your comments.

    I would not know if I should classify it as a subtle love poem, but I will say this is probably the closest thing to a ballad that I have ever written.

  5. Tarifa said,

    This is absolutely beautiful. The tone is very nostalgic and the images are subtle and haunting. I can relate to it in more ways than one. You are a great poet!

  6. faith786 said,

    Thank you for your comments, Tarifa.

    This poem I am more fond of than some of my other poems because this one has a wide breadth than some of my other poems, which have a context. But it still can use a bit of work….

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