October 3, 2008

My Poems: My Secret Friend

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

A poem for someone I have never seen:

My Secret Friend

I may never see you,

listen, talk, or love you.

Maybe someday you will look up,

and find the sky like an empty cup*.

You and I are nothing more,

than pieces on a chessboard;

Parts of a puzzle design,

made by the same Divine.

Talk, shout, or whisper, let me know,

break the barrier and let it flow.

Ask me your questions, tell me your secrets,

Trust my heart and we will talk until the sun sets.

Hold my hand and let us embrace,

no matter what it is we’ll face,

no one ever said it would be so easy or hard,

Now come with me and let us go back to the start.

I hope who ever you are, you read this and somehow communicate to me.

*Cup–cup means a lot of things to me–or in general– empty cup=ignorance. Empty cup=opportunity to learn to ‘fill’ the cup. Philosophy and cup–everything is like a cup–the cup had a creator and an idea had an originator. etc. etc.

P.S. First draft



  1. Poems said,

    Reading and writing poetry can be very fulfilling activities by themselves. Poems

  2. Noreen said,

    This is the poem for that person?

    …It is beautiful.

    I love the cup metaphor, but I do not think people will get that for face value. Beautiful, though. Fight hate with love.

    Where is the love? [?]

  3. faith786 said,

    Yes! The question mark: [?]

    I want a shirt with that.

    But on a serious note, yes it is for that person. I guess I cannot verbalize how much I would just want to smile and say hello to that person. Hey–I am trying to learn how to have a heart. That sounded really primitive, but I think a lot of people forget how to have a heart, so I am trying to relearn it. I actually ‘feel’ my spirit trying to call onto that person.

  4. faith786 said,

    ***For people who I have spoken to that have misinterpreted this poem***


  5. Noreen said,

    …I just got the nature symbols!!!! I LOVE THIS POEM!!!! The sky–river–sun–It is wonderful!

  6. spiderman said,

    yeah i really had to read that twice. the second to last paragraph makes alot of sence tho. good job 🙂 feel better ❤

  7. malrose9389 said,

    i like this poem.

  8. faith786 said,

    Thank you; I was afraid (and still am) that the message I am trying to convey is not coming across. It may not be the best poem in terms of literary devices or poetic form, but it has A LOT of substance. Or at least, I tried. This is a poem I hold very dear. Probably will go in my canon with White Tomb and Lost Friends.

  9. malrose9389 said,

    I like these lines:
    – “Parts of a puzzle design
    made by the same Divine.”
    – “break the barrier and let it flow.”
    and I like how you ended with “let us go back to the start.” but what i like most about this poem is that it has a gentle tone to it.

  10. faith786 said,

    (Irrational jumping)

    Thank you, Mally. I only wished you knew who it was written to…

    …If only I knew who it was written to….

  11. Noreen said,

    This is one of my favorite poems just because I can see your heart bleeding through the words. Out of curiousity, would you dedicate thie person to anyone else?

  12. Ayesha said,

    I love your poem so much. But I have a question. What does this have to do with secrets? Thankyou

  13. faith786 said,

    Thank you so much, Ayesha. I emailed you at the email you typed in for the comment. Please feel free to look at anything else that may catch your interest.

  14. Suzanne said,

    This is absolutely beautiful. It is so gentle and so real. I hope you be united by your secret friend.

  15. Lenne said,

    It is such a gentle poem, I can imagine someone whispering it to someone in a gentle voice. Very genuine. I love it.

  16. ionnes said,

    “Talk, shout, or whisper, let me know,

    break the barrier and let it flow.

    Ask me your questions, tell me your secrets,

    Trust my heart and we will talk until the sun sets.”
    This is a great well worded stanza.
    Lovely work here 😀

  17. faith786 said,

    Thank you, all of you.

  18. spiderman said,

    hey cupcake princess poodle noodle sweetie pie baby cakes
    im missing u! gimme a call soooooooooon
    love u! ❤

  19. faith786 said,

    Spiderman, that was slightly creepy, I must admit. XD

    I will try to call you soon, darling.

  20. muslim786malaysia said,

    can i post this why are not replying my mail

  21. faith786 said,

    i am afraid i do not understand. i never received an email from you.

  22. Le Mystique said,


    l loved these lines:

    “You and I are nothing more,
    than pieces on a chessboard;
    Parts of a puzzle design,
    made by the same Divine.”

    And btw, I feel it would do better as a song rather than a poem.

  23. faith786 said,

    Thanks, although I cannot see exactly what kind of song it would be. Thank you for stopping by. =)

  24. feezul said,

    The only thing i could say bout this is … Whoa !

  25. alishah786 said,

    Lovely!…this poem was wrote for me..

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