September 29, 2008

Today’s Words of Wisdom #6

Posted in Islam, Knowledge, Sufism at 11:26 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Actually, this post is from today. I spoke to a special spiritual friend of mine on the phone and he said something that I guess really struck a cord with me.

I have lost a friend of mine recently. She took her own life in hopes of finding a higher meaning than the nihilistic viewpoint of life she previously had. I knew she was seeking help, but she honestly could not handle it. It pained me greatly, and although I really wish I could have helped her,  I guess I could not reach out to her in time.

So I called a spiritual friend of mine and I told him of my sadness, and he said something that he wants me to remember for the rest of my life and maybe you should remember it too:

The reason why people choose death often do because they want to truly live. They should be pitied because they chose to take their destiny in their hands, and now must face Allah. But they are bleeding to live. So even those who die want life–a true life–a life we know can only be achieved in one way–

–I remained silent and he paused for a moment–

True life is when we cast aside everything but Allah.



  1. anonymous said,


  2. faith786 said,

    ? I don’t understand your post.

  3. Noreen said,

    That is so sad what happened and so beautiful of what your friend said. I know Muslims believe people who commit suicide go to hell, but… is that alwas true? What if it a non Muslim took her own life without knowing it is haraam?

  4. Ishya said,

    Interesting.. that a different point of view and so true. Thanks!!

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