September 29, 2008

Today’s Words of Wisdom #5

Posted in Islam, Sufism, Tazkiyah at 11:01 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Actually, these words of wisdom I got last Friday, so it technically was not today. =) But it is post worthy, and I should warn you, it will take a lot of thought to fully comprehend it–and even then you won’t get it. And if you think you got it, well, then you REALLY didn’t get it.

For the past couple weeks (months lol) things have not been, let us say, great. Allah has been testing and I am trying, but it has affected my mood as of late. I stopped by a professor’s office (5 guesses who, Sarah) and he told me to come in. He asked how I was because I seemed kind of down. I guess I have been worried about my relationship with God because I really blew this Ramadan. I mean, I tried my best to pray, make tauba, and contemplate, but I really did not improve this Ramadan. Quite sad actually. Anyway, it was not a very productive conversation until he randomly brought up something.

He asked me if I knew my parents loved me.

I told him that I hope they do. He went on to say that regardless what I do, they still love me. They took care of me, loved me, and was kind to me regardless of the idiot I am. I may have argued with them, disrespected them, go against them on different decisions, caused them all the trouble in the world, but they still loved me with open arms. No matter how much I screwed up, they somehow, for some reason, still cared. (Especially my mom.)

So I did not really say anything and then he said (almost quoted):

Then imagine how much God loves you. Your parents are not even a fraction of His love. We may mess up all the time, but God still loves us, as long as we keep trying to get better. His love is beyond our comprehension. We have to trust Him in order to begin to understand how much He loves us.

I guess I was not expecting that, or at least not something that would impact me. I did not really respond to that, but I left his office and I just started crying in the bathroom (in the science building). People asked me what was wrong and I said I got iodide in my eyes. XD (which is half true)

Anyway, I am not saying that I fully agree with it, but I do think there is some meaning in it. More than probably Palin ever said.


Sarah Palin = Bush + Lipstick

Think about it.



  1. Noreen said,

    Love the post. I always worry about God rejecting me, but this gives me hope.

  2. Saba Yousaf said,

    If there’s someone out there who truly loves you no matter what then should that love not be reciprocated, accepted and not rejected. If God loves someone so much then surely he has a certain person for you to love you too. Remember you can make tauba and improve anytime BEFORE your death.

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