September 26, 2008

Where is the Love–??? [?]

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I was passing a small halaqah in the masjid and I overheard a good 15 minutes and I *HAD* to put whatever notes I was able to scratch up on the back of my lab report. XD

–As Muslims, we believe that it is through love, we will reach Allah. Prophet Muhammad, Maulana Rumi, Imam Al Ghazali, and many other Muslim scholars emphasized the love of Allah through the love of what He loves and to love others for Him.

–It is through love for Allah that we will attain ultimate inner peace.

–All the prayer, fasting, ibadaat we do is all to increase this love.

–Many people may think that non Muslims may not understand this love or the truth of Islam, so they do not deserve this love, but love for Allah means to love all of His creation for Him, to love every person for being chosen by God to live. Does not every individual have a soul? For even that simple reason, do they deserve love.

–Today’s world alienates people, it tells people that love for God is only to say you love Him constantly, but true love for Allah shows in how you view the world, how you view Him, how you try to exhibit and percieve love.

–Pain may exist in the world and bad things may happen, but if we were all wise, all knowing, most merciful, we would plan everything the way they happen. Allah does what He does out of love. If He causes something bad to happen to you, it is so you will turn to Him and love Him.

–Allah is known as the Most Merciful and the Most loving. Most of His names and the ones that are emphasized are those that are about love for us.

–We must help spread love to everyone we meet and in all that we do so we can help our love for Allah grow. But we must keep in mind that when we love something, it is for Allah. If we lose sight of that, it can destroy us.

–We have been taught to pray, ask forgiveness, do all the movements of the obligations of prayer, even believe in all the things required of Islam. But we must have the love, because that is one of the key characteristics of the soul–the ability to love–and that is one thing that we can eternally grow in for Allah.

–We cannot let the world around us take that ability to love out of us. It is this ability to eternally progress, to eternally love God that makes us human. In today’s day and age, we must ask ourselves–WHERE IS THE LOVE? [?]

What we can do to help our love for Allah:

–Say salaam and smile to people. This can do wonders.

–Brothers, hug brothers. Sisters, hug sisters. Hug your family members. The sense of touch has the ability to touch the soul. So when we hug people, spiritual energy is reverberated in people’s souls.

–Cry when you pray–it may seem paradoxical, but when we cry, we realize what matters to us that we would let our souls weep. Crying is one of the modes of spiritual growth and can help us realize our love for Allah.

–Talk about it with your friends–if you keep talking yourself with others how much we all love God, it will help pour love in our hearts.

–Read the Quran. Even the ayahs that warn us about hell. They may be terrifying, but Allah tells us out of love. The Quran is a message for the heart out of love from Allah. If we see it that way, it can help people become better Muslims while increasing our love.

–Walk in nature. Nature is another channel of spiritual energy from Allah to us. It is proof of His grandeur and His way of showing beauty and love through His creation. Nature relates to the Quran and nature keeps us in touch with reality–the world is not technology and machines. God created nature as a way to help be a spiritual environment for us. When we are in nature, the creation praises Allah and being around that, and paying attention to that, can help increase our love.

–Talk to Allah. If you are in a problem, talk to Him. If you pay attention carefully, you will feel His Love comforting you.

–Trust Him. This will increase your love in a billion + fold. But to do this requires prayer and contemplation. It is a choice that is hard to make and live out to, but as long as we try everyday, Allah will know and help increase our love.

–Do small acts of kindness, but be discrete about it (so you won’t get arrogant). Say something nice-to a friend, about the weather, say nice things. Give a gift (an Islamic gift) to someone you appreciate. Ask how others are doing.

–Etiquette is key (I’m screwed). Open the door for someone, smile, pick up trash off the floor, eat slowly, have adhab. How we do things will affect our heart. Allah loves those with etiquette and adhab, and insha’ Allah it will help our relationship with Him.

–Be humble. If you are arrogant, like, you think that you know God (wa iyathu billah) or something stupid, it will deplete love from your heart. To help get humble, clean toilets (did it, scary like no other), clean floors, do community service that is not as easy as saying hi to someone. Help out at a farm, take orders from elders. etc. etc.

–Promote high ideals.

–All of this will insha’ Allah help increase our station with Allah and love is a powerful spiritual force that is in our souls that can only be satisfied with the love of Allah.

…and I could not stay, so I do not know what else was said. Sorry if the notes are a bit scratchy, but I found it inspiring–maybe because I was there. Maybe it is helpful, I hope it is. But I must beg the question:




  1. Noreen said,


    Love the song.

    Excellent speech you heard. I wish I was there! I also learned that thinking about love helps you learn to love God.

  2. Hamdalat said,

    Very gòod one. May Allah reward u

  3. nur said,


    Reading this article of yours gave me a peace of mind. Masyallah only Allah knows what I’ve gone through these past years. Thank you for sharing.

    May Allah bless you.

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