September 16, 2008

Today’s Words of Wisdom 4

Posted in Character, Knowledge at 2:45 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I went to the library and I found a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. As I was flipping the pages of one of my beloved books, a friend of mine met me at the library and noticed the book I was holding. For those who don’t know, the novel deals with a lot of themes relating to emotion. It ranges from the idea of belongingness (love) to the desperation of will (a lot of characters contemplate and some carry out suicide–but it is a happy ending.) One famous quote from the book is about the idea that the more pain you feel expands how much joy you can feel as well. I personally think it is a loaded argument, but back to me meeting someone at the library.

We talked about the book and one of the biggest things we picked up on was the idea that although the characters didn’t focus on the important things, the characters cared about certain things. And then we connected that today’s world–there are problems happening all around us: There is racial and religious profiling, people who are innocent are being arrested, guilty people are going free and committing heinous acts, the world is suffering our abuse of its abundant resources, people in other parts of the world do not have access to resources or an education to help get resources, people’s rights are being violated and at the end of the day, we as human beings have the ability to be the best creatures, but we are behaving as if we are the worst.

As that depressed us, another person came by and told us to be happy that we are sad about the world’s problems. I looked at her and I was like: “Excuse me?”

She said: “If we do not care about what is happening in the world, if we lose that sense, we are no better than those that are dead–both physically and spiritually. So be happy; you are among the few that are still alive.”

That is so true–once we stop caring, then *ALL* hope is lost. But we have to keep caring. Like my other post, good wishes reach other people, then us caring will somehow reach the earth and the people on it. Even if I cannot stop all the world’s evils single handedly, the idea that I care enough to think about them and be concerned about them is proof hope still lives for a better world.

The moral of the story (as cheesy as it sounds):

“Hope is the beginning of a revolution.”

–Sorah, Locke and Key

So believe, all you bored people reading this post! Believe in a better future!



  1. Redwan Ahmed said,

    ma’shallah, a great post

  2. asqfish said,

    In the story of the Count of Monte Cristo , I was struck by how long he carried the hatred and vengeance in his heart and how it eroded him.

    I think the better person was the one who taught him how to read and write and left him the treasure map………….he left behind something important!
    In my view he should have been the hero!

    Forgiveness begins at home:)

  3. faith786 said,

    Walaikum Assalam,

    That book had multiple dimensions that made me admire the book a lot. Dantes had issues, I will admit. But Dumas made a point with Dantes that he was seeking revenge more than seeking Mercedes and I think that is a very human quality to lose one’s initial sight.

    The map guy (I forgot his name too =) ) was one of the ideal characters in the book I admit, but books somehow more appealing to me with faulted or flawed characters. Dantes is not a role model, but you can learn a lot from him.

    Sorry, but I LOVE to talk about literature!

    And yes, f could not agree with you more–forgiveness begins at home.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. spiderman said,

    that book is sitting on my dresser i had it for years but i never read it lol
    “hope is the beginning of a revolution”
    ^^ LOVE IT!!

  5. faith786 said,

    Thanks. ^.^! Count of Monte Cristo is a good book, but some people may not like it because it is a bit thick, but I think both the story and the themes are enjoyable. I don’t know… but 1984 OWNS!

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