September 2, 2008

Today’s Words of Wisdom 3

Posted in Aqidah, Character, Islam, Knowledge, Tazkiyah at 1:19 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I have been in an absolutely foul mood as of late, some may think it is over drawn while others are wondering why I am so patient. Anyway, I went for a walk and I sat on the bridge over the pond. A person from my neighborhood joined me and asked why I looked upset. I did not want to talk about it and I just simply said that I am having a hard time appreciating certain people. I have learned that if anyone ever knew what hell was, no one would wish it even for their worst enemy. So he gave me a piece of bread and him and I fed the fish for couple minutes. Somewhere in the midst of our short conversation, he said something that I hope to never forget. Maybe it is overated, or maybe it was the moment, but it was so simple I had to share it:

“There is not a single thing I do not cherish.”

Being Ramadan, I thought that was something very valuable to think about in the first ten days of mercy (or just in general). If he said that and he is just a human being, then what about God? Our capacity to love appears endless for a human being, but God’s must be beyond even that. He said that it is not about sitting there waiting for God to reach His hand out to you, (Well, he said divine power, etc.–) but we must make an active effort to try to learn how to ‘love.’ But that sentence and this concept have been ringing in my head and maybe it can make more sense to you.


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