August 25, 2008

Bill Maher on Education

Posted in Knowledge, Quotes, Teaching/Education at 1:16 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

(I am writing a post on Bill Maher and I wrote a religious greeting. Pretty Ironic.)

Anyway, he was on Larry King (Yeah!) last night and I did not have an opportunity to watch the whole interview, but from what I caught when I was watching the interview, he is an agnostic (pretty sure not atheist.)

Anyway, I was interested in who he was because he posed a question that *I WROTE FOR A CHARACTER IN MY BOOK TO SAY TWO HOURS BEFORE WATCHING IT.* His views are slightly interesting, and I respect his opinions (some of them, anyway.) So I looked him up and I came across this quote that has food for thought for both students, teachers, and anyone in America–

“NEW RULE: ‘Kidiots’ Leave the children behind. At least until they learn something. A new study has shown that half of American high schools agree that newspapers should only be able to publish government-approved material. Almost one out of five said people should not be allowed to voice unpopular opinions..This is the first generation after September 11th, who discovered news during a ‘watch what you say’ administration…George W. Bush once asked, ‘is our children learning.’ No, they isn’t. A better question would be, ‘is our teacher’s teaching?’”

Think about it.



  1. faith786 said,

    Bill Maher is a famous political, religious, and social satirist/comedian. He has many anti-religious views and is an agnostic himself, but he never outright denied the existence of God. To my knowledge, he has written book(s), been part of movies and has his own show.

    I do not support many beliefs he has, but the concerns and issues he raises are legitimate, even if he does not approach them in the best way.

    Many people become religiously fervent or even regular believers without calling into question what do they really believe in. The reason I put this quote up is that people often ask the wrong questions (i.e. people asking why kids are dumb when really we should be questioning the teachers.)

    Well, in terms of religion, people constantly question why don’t other people join their religion when they themselves do not ask why do they believe what they claim to believe in. So as a Muslim, I call to other Muslims–why do you believe that there is one God, that the Quran is the true word of God, etc. etc. ?

    Many have been born “blindly” into the religion, but never fully comprehend it. So Maher questions people for their lack of thought, and in that respect, I somewhat concur with him. But they way he goes about it and insults religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. is not what I agree with.

    And I find your attempt at humor more offensive than in jest because it lacked any thought or relevance whatsoever. Again, please think before commenting.

  2. spiderman said,

    hey u 🙂

  3. anon said,

    Bill Maher is an idiot. nuff said

  4. faith786 said,

    Hey Spiderman! (I actually typed your name first and then I had to edit it. Lol) I have to call you later, and Ramadan Mubarak!

    Oh, and ‘Bill Maher’ I have already lectured before about lying about identity. And it is Ramadan. But hey–it is not my fault if someone keeps getting bit by the same snake. That was a pathetic attempt. Seriously.

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