August 22, 2008

Spiritual Energy?

Posted in Aqidah, Knowledge, Tazkiyah at 2:28 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I heard a really deep conversation today and I was arguing about it in my head. I do not know if I completely agree with what I heard, but I will try to sum up what I heard between two people (I am not either of them, by the way and do not ask who they were) I do not think they were Muslims because they would call God the One and just how they acted did not suggest they were Muslim, but I wondered if they were talking about an Islamic concept. I just thought about it now, and I think I will try to put it in semi-dialog format:

Person 1: Someone told me that love is a kind of energy, similar to humility, insight, and truth; all goodness takes form in spiritual energy that keeps the world and universe in tact. When people block this energy, then the world starts to rot. So evil is a misrepresentation to be a spiritual energy of its own. Evil exists, but not as the absence of good. Majority evil we do interpret it indeed the absence of good, but some evil takes form in the ability of human choice. Some choices are purely evil, but they do not harbor any energy. That is the human using one’s physical energy, not spiritual energy, for evil. Spiritual energy is good energy. And it is the same energy that runs in our veins. So love of the One is really loving everything that is good, everything that He loves, which is everything that is good. Good means that which leads to peace, justice, harmony, compassion and all the other good qualities. Sometimes people say killing people for peace is using physical energy instead of spiritual energy, but killing as defense is using spiritual energy to protect. But God knows our intentions and based on those intentions, can spiritual energy be used.

Person 2: But what if someone genuinely believed that what he/she was doing was for peace but really was not? Like someone sincerely believed killing someone else will reassure peace? Can’t one say that person would be the using his spiritual energy for something that is in fact evil?”

Person 1: (I do not remember the first part of what she said) You and I will never know someone else’s intentions. Sometimes we do not even know our own intentions. Sometimes we may think we are trying to help another person, but maybe our heart just wants that satisfaction. Sometimes we think we know what we are doing, our thoughts and tongue may think they know, but the truth is in our hearts. Being in access to our spiritual energy helps reveal the truth of our intentions and actions to ourselves. If we let spiritual energy flow through us, it should help channel what God wants into us, which helps guide our movements.

I somewhat agree, but I want to know other people’s opinions on the idea of ‘spiritual energy.’ I find it an interesting concept. So let me know what you think. (Preferably not too long of a comment.)



  1. faith786 said,

    I have declined your offer and to be quite candid, I shall decline it again.

  2. spiderman said,

    like i dont understand wat evil could be with out it being the absence of good…. example? and how do u know the difference between ur spiritual and physical energy? like physical energy for doing things unrealated to religion and spiritual things for religious things? but cant everything we do (as muslims) be related to religion in some way or another? idk……..

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