June 18, 2008

My poems: “Beautiful”

Posted in Epiphanies, Poetry at 1:02 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is a CR*PPY POEM, but I think it’ is really about the essence. I dedicate it to everyone I have met who I should be extremely grateful for. I realized as much as I hate my worst enemy, the love I have for everyone else is more. I realized I know a lot of good people in my life and they try to make me better, but I never know how to say thank you to God or you. I am terrible with words, but this cr*ppy poem is a shot:

Everything you do, is light.
Light is what you do.
You do what is right,
what is right shines for you.
Look at the stars,
the stars shine for you.
You are a sign,
sign of the Divine,
the Divine who controls time,
controls time for you.
Look at the sun,
the sun shines for you.
The moon reflects your light,
your light which reflects the Lord,
the Lord who watches you at night,
at night who protects for you.
Look at the moon,
the moon shines for you.
Every move you make,
you make with light,
with light you make,
you make God happy for you.
Look at the sky,
the sky shines for you.
Beautiful is what you do,
what you do is beautiful,
beautiful to God is true,
is true that God loves for you.
Look towards God,
God who shines for you.


  1. faith786 said,

    I dedicate to sooo many people-my mom, my dad, my brothers, spiderman, Mally, Sarah, your sis and mom, pookie, Maryam, aisha, anums, everyone. You are “Beautiful.”

  2. spiderman said,

    my talented poetic friend YOU are beautiful!!

    can u email me a book list??
    better yet, you should post it on your blog for EVERYONE
    in response to your text, both classical and any books.

  3. faith786 said,


    Oh dear, a book list? I can see that being my longest post. Lol. Give me the weekend to think.

  4. Noreen said,

    That is beautiful.

  5. Amina said,

    Awww…Safia this is the prettiest poem ever.

  6. faith786 said,

    *Heart melting*

  7. Newland said,

    That is a beautiful poem. I like how you roll the last couple words of the previous line to the next AND rhyme it. Also the ending of “for you” in each stanza. Great poem.

  8. Noreen said,

    I never noticed that! I like it even more.

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