June 16, 2008

Passage from ***Unwritten***

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is a sneak peak of my soon, insha’ Allah, book. This scene takes place well into the book, so if you can’t follow names or places, it is because they were previously introduced (I apologize, the stupid paragraphs won’t indent):


That night Locke realized Chesike has an overbearing snoring problem. He stood up from his bed on the floor and went for a walk. He left the city walls, unarmed, and took a stroll beneath the glittering white stars. After walking around in the hilly field, he stopped and dropped on his knees, ‘Where are you? Must I live such a life without, God?’ He clutched a fistful of grass in each hand and kept thinking, ‘There is something no one can tell me about You. There is something that I cannot read anywhere about You. What that is I don’t know, but I can feel it somehow. How shall I take care of Leona? What shall become of Candied? What will become of me?’ Locke then stood up and wiped his forehead. He felt that scar on his face and remembered Shire, ‘He took care of me after I got whipped. He helped me break out of the fortress. He traveled with me through Lebz, the Lion’s Pass, Shire, and even before then-Covenant Cliff, the Academy, the old Shire-how can my whole life change so simply by an absence of a person?’ Locke continued walking and the sky revealed the infinite stars and galaxies, ‘The world is so tiny compared to the rest of the galaxies. Is this war nothing compared to the grand master plan of the universe? Are we but catalysts of something greater? But even if we are part of grand plan, is there not another universe encapsulated in each of us? Oh Lord, what must I do to understand—to understand—what existence is? It is more than actions. There is something more than good and evil. Something more than black and white. There is a transcending realm. Will I meet You there?’ Hours began to pass and to Locke, it felt like minutes. He went up a small hill and laid his back on the cool bed of grass. He looked up and began to whisper, “I can feel the universe within me, but it is in disorder-or is it me? What do I really want? Do I really want somewhere to go? Someone to meet? A purpose to live for? What do I really want? Even if the war ends, even if Candied comes back, even if we get to live back at Shire, will I be happy? Key said that we are meant to worship, obey, befriend and come to know God. What does that mean? To realize His Greatness through me? What is it that I long for?” Locke then stopped and realized he spoke too much. The full moon was directly above him. The light covered him and he looked directly at it. There was a connection he could not explain, ‘Are You trying to communicate to me? Or am I trying to communicate with You?’

Locke stood up and went back to Samim. He went back to the warehouse and shut the main door. He pressed his back against the door and looked up. There he stood for a moment and went back to the room where Will and Chesike were sleeping. Chesike kept snoring, but somehow Locke found it tolerable. Locke pulled his blanket over him and turned his back to the wall. There was a mirror across the room and he looked at it. He stared at his own reflection and saw his eyes reflect hints of auburn. He bent his knees to his chest and placed his hands beneath his head. He closed his eyes and slept.


Obviously what I wrote so far is one huge rough draft, but the essence is still there. So yeah, I hope you now understand why I am getting emotionally attached to this book.

Please let me know what you think and pray that it will be among some of the few classic literary works from a Muslim! I am only doing this for the sake of Allah, insha’ Allah. I hope I can keep my intentions pure.




  1. Yasmeen said,

    Your book sounds very spiritual. Can I ask what issues are you focusing on in the book? And what kind of genre is it? It sounds good!

  2. faith786 said,

    Thank you, but I am realizing that my book needs MAJOR editing. some issues in the book? I don’t want to spoon feed it or reveal too much because then people will think those issues are what the book is restricted to. But some of the main themes that are there (like, if you miss them, you aren’t reading the book) are: the relationship of man and God and the congruency/discrepencies of motves/intentions/actions/reasons and how they relate. Particularly morality and immorality.

    I will not reveal more on that topic. But I have already tried to open at least 9 themes.

    Genre? I would have to say fantasy political drama. But don’t let fantasy mislead you-there aren’t any fairies, dragons, magical pixie dust or something. It is just not placed on earth. And it is political in terms of the world they are in, but that is secondary compared to what is happening between the characters and particularly the main character, Locke. But I hope I can finally contest the authors of English works in the past. About time someone non Christian stepped up to the plate.

  3. Noreen said,

    I love the image a person in nature reflecting about God. So classic! I think it reflects what a lot of people think about, but never talk about. I hope it inshallah the book turns out into a masterpiece for the sake of Allah!

    But can I ask if the book is a tragedy? I am not asking how or what, but just wondering that part.

  4. faith786 said,

    I am actually having second thoughts about the passage. I am actually nerved out on how this book is turning out because it isn’t as good as I thought it would be. (That sounds funny coming from the author). I mean, I don’t think things are being conveyed the way I wish they would.

    Is it a tragedy? No response because technically the ending has not been written yet. I have the ending in mind, but still no response.

  5. spiderman said,


  6. faith786 said,

    I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not, Spiderman. =)

  7. Noreen said,

    After rereading it, Locke sounds hot.

  8. faith786 said,

    Oh, well, I don’t see anything that indicates that. I actually don’t like him, as a character, that much. I actually describe very little how Locke physically looks like-and that which I do describe is for a reason.

  9. Yasmeen said,

    Will there be any element of love in the book? You siad is a fantasy political drama, but will there be any focus on an affiar or relationship?

  10. faith786 said,

    The book does not focus on love, but will there be an element of love? Of course! Every book must have some element of love-can be self love, love for a sibling, love for a mentor, love for God, etc.

    But as in terms of romance (that is what I am assuming your question is alluding to), there are some relationships…. Any romance in this novel is not meant to be interpreted in terms of love (does that make sense?). Like, if someone falls in love with another person, it might be about lust for power or greed, rather than about building a relationship.

    On that topic I cannot answer much because I don’t want to give away the book, but I would say that if you were reading the book, you aren’t reading it as a romantic story.

  11. Newland said,

    Nice concept and names. Out of the normal stuff you read. Keep it up!

  12. Noreen said,

    Well, I still think Locke sounds hot. Even his name is hot. I don’t know what it is about him-maybe it is the way he releases what is inside him alone. And just the way he interacts with nature. It sounds beautiful.

    Does he fall in love with anyone?

  13. faith786 said,

    Interesting in opinion. I never thought of my main character like that.

    As for your question, (smiling) No.

  14. faith786 said,

    Oh God, it looks like dung now that I am reading it again. I am revamping this.

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