June 15, 2008

Question for all you readers

Posted in Literature at 4:34 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I apologize for not having any significant Islamic post on my blog for a while, but insha’ Allah events are coming up that I can take notes on.

Until then, I am in the process of writing typing a book and I was arguing with myself for the past week. I have certain conclusions already, but I wanted to ask you: What element of nature really captures you and why? Some to think about-sun, moon, sky, trees, forest, desert, ocean, grass, river, swamp, ice, rain, clouds, flowers, light, fire, water, earth, dirt, leaves, jungle, cliffs, mountains, trenches, iceberg, snow, stars, wind, beach, air, plains, hills, anything, you name it.

I am not asking for a huge explanation, but maybe a few sentences. Thank you.

***And don’t ask for my response because that can take up 4+ posts. =)



  1. Noreen said,

    Mine would be the desert. It is where Rasulullah was born and lived. It is also secluded from the rest of the world, a place where we can be within our ownselves. Nice blog, by the way.

  2. Mally said,

    sky, ocean, river, ice, rain, flowers, leaves, light, water, earth, grass, iceberg, snow, wind, beach, forest, woods, trees, sunset, etc. i’ll elaborate on the ones i listed, i like:

    – the sky – because it already looks so vast and to think that the sky stretches across the whole earth just blows my mind.
    – ocean, river, water, beach – becasue water just looks beautiful; it overpowers you, makes you feel at ease, opens up your heart/mind/soul and brings tranquility to it. i love the ripples, the waves, the way it washes over the coastline, the horizon, the depth/vastness, when it sparkles under the the sun, everything about it.
    – rain – b/c I think of the mercy of Allah SWT, and have hope that the prayers i make then will be answered Inshallah.
    – flowers, and leaves (especially in the fall) – the beauty captivates your attention.
    – light – makes me think of Allah SWT’s Noor..
    – iceberg – it looks cool, and for it’s depth. i began to appreciate it more after seeing that poster (i’m sure you know which one).
    – ice – looks nice/cool
    – snow – looks soo beauuutiful, and i think it’s amazing that it consists of an infinite number of snowflakes, all sent down by the will of Allah SWT. also, it makes me feel like im living in a fairy tale.
    – wind/breeze – i think it’s wonderful that it blows in the direction Allah SWT wanted it to. i like when the wind blows over my face because i kind of feel energized and it makes me feel happy.
    – earth/grass – after watching the music video of Michael Jackson’s Earth song, i appreciated it more.. which is kind of sad, i know. i really like this one powerful scene when the people kneel against the ground, reach forward, and grasp clumps of earth.
    – forest, woods, trees – because they are signs of Allah SWT (as is everything else), and i like it when there are a lot of trees because i feel like there’s a lot of life around me, and i heard that trees and everything do the thikr of Allah SWT so i like that.
    – sunset – looks very very nice, and it has a calming effect to it. i especially like when the sun sets in an ocean-type setting b/c.. (combine my explanation for water and sunset)

    All these elements of nature (as well as ones i havent mentioned) are beautiful, remind you of Allah SWT since they are all His signs, and makes you feel a sense of belonging. It’s all really nice, peaceful, and wonderful and makes all worldy matters/worries look trivial and insignificant in front of it.

  3. Mally said,

    oh and i forgot to mention that i also appreciate the perfection of all of these forms of creation.

  4. spiderman said,

    not b/c im a pyro but because its amazing how once it touches the smallest thing it can do so much distruction.. like forest fires. lol. i also think its pretty esp. camp fires. and fun to play with. but also how it can be so useful and helpful yet so harmful… tis weird.

  5. faith786 said,

    I like that idea of fire and snow. Hmm…

  6. faith786 said,

    I just reread your comment, Mally, and I just comprehended something- YOU WATCH MICHAEL JACKSON????? DUDE! BEAT IT! JUST BEAT IT! NO ONE WANTS TO BE DEFEATED! *Moonwalking//crippling/whatever it is called these days*

  7. malrose9389 said,

    hahaha no I don’t; but two or three years ago, Jermaine Jackson (on Big Brother) said that out of all of Michael Jackson’s songs, he likes that one best, and I was curious to know why he likes it, so I watched the music video, and it heightened my appreciation for that.

  8. Mally said,

    actually scratch that, i think it was a year and a half ago; it’s not two or three yet.

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