June 5, 2008

My Poems-Lost Friends

Posted in Poetry at 12:45 am by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Another poem of mine, but this one was written in 3rd grade and it was edited in 4th grade. I do want to change some of it, but I feel like leaving it in it’s original form because that was really me in 3rd/4th grade. Changing it now would take the essence from it. Don’t be too judgmental of it, but I guess this is a really personal poem. Anyway, YOU CAN’T COPY THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! I have an attachment to it.

Lost Friends

Words are unspoken,

Thoughts not awoken,

Conscious we surpass,

Subconscious we last.

No look given,

No touch taken,

No hint given,

And through time we awaken.

From the trickle to the ocean,

From the spark to the ashes,

From beginning to the end,

Time by itself cannot mend.

The tower reaching to the skies,

Found out in the white cloud hell lies.

This friendship is a sin.

In time, our friendship will thin.

Then will it be truly good,

but lost in past it will be.

I know in the water it will continue to grow,

and then our bright friendship will reach eternity.

I wonder if anyone else can relate to this poem? Maybe Muslims would more than non Muslims…. It would be cool if non Muslims did!



  1. Noreen said,

    I love it! I finally get it!

    My theory is that this poem must have been about a girl/boy who had a friend of the other gender. The poet realized they would soon get older and soon they cannot be friends. But in each other’s memories their friendship will continue to bloom. This is an excellent poems for Muslims who had Muslim friends of the opposite gender as kids. I can totally relate.

    But the only part I do not understand is the tower and cloud. Can you explain that? Oh, and can you tell me if my theory is right?

  2. faith786 said,

    The tower and cloud is a reference to the tower of Babel. Long story short, a group of people tried to reach God by making a tower that reached the skies, but then God got mad and knocked it down. Actually, it may be a pagan story, so it might be gods.

    As for your theory, that is up to you to interpret. But it is very perceptive. Thanks for all the comments!

  3. Tarifa said,

    This is beautiful. Noreen’s comment looks like it would apply. But I took it as you get older, some times you part friends and this poem captures a lot of the emotion in that. Very subtle.

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