June 5, 2008

Love for Allah Lecture at CPSA

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am totally procrastinating my finals because I am horrified to find out there is a HUGE hole in my English paper, causing me to take out 4 pages, I cannot translate my Pus in Boots file, or the other passages for my Arabic final, and my psych final can go to jahanum from whence it came.

I’ll trust Allah that He’ll somehow make a means to help me do it.

Anyway, I am sorry for procrastinating these notes too; figure I better do something than nothing tonight. Btw, Sarah and I came a little late to the lecture, so my notes started when we came in. (Sarah, you are more than welcome to add to these)

Love for Allah Notes:

  • Ta’lif (education)-Light of Allah; Light of guidance
    • Hadith: Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.
    • ilm is inheritance from the prophets–>different knowledge was directed to different prophets
      • i.e. Adam (as)-knowledge of names of different things, Dawud (as)-iron welding, Yusuf (as)-interpretation of dreams, Muhammad (saw)-teaching.
      • Angels bowed down to Adam because of his ‘ilm (and God said so)
    • ‘Ilm can come from parents, school, people, etc.
    • Mandatory to seek knowledge of the deen
    • Respect for scholars raises one’s station
  • Tabreer (action on knowledge)/(development)
    • Being in company with shaykhs
    • Shaykhs help guide people
    • Adhab on how to live your life
    • Tabreer through media, television, and internet (chose wisely, punks)
    • Every second wasted is like kufr (Time-piece of gum-Shaykh Husain; time-sufis-Shaykh Umar)
    • Fear Allah and attach yourself with good people (we as human beings are naturally attracted to a model-Rasulullah saw)
    • That is why sahabahs were so good-because they were attached to Rasulullah saw
    • We think that if we are near bad people, we won’t necessarily be bad-lie.
    • We are invited to things we know that are bad.
    • If you know you will do something bad, do something else. Take yourself out of situations of sin.
  1. First thing shaytaan does to us: (quote) takes out importance of obedience out of our hearts.” —and then put the importance of the dunyah in our hearts
  2. If you do good, then shaytaan tries to prolong or delay good actions
  3. Even if you beat that, then he’ll try to rush good deeds
  4. Then he’ll try to make you show them off
  5. Then he’ll put narcism/vanity into our hearts. (Imam Abu Hanifah used to pray fajr with the same wudu at Isha-prayed all night)
  6. Then he’ll put the desire to be known
  • Every time we sin, shaytaan tries to put into us-why should we try after that?
    • DO NOT DESPAIR–ask for forgiveness.
    • Those who transgress their own souls, don’t despair; Allah can still forgive you (Shaykh Umar: to think you are too bad to ask for forgiveness is to accuse God of not being forgiving)
  • First, you will have a bad way of thinking
  • Then you will think you can’t change it-lie.
  • To change that, be in the company of the good.
  • Even if you aren’t learning, you get their barakah.
  • Imam Al Ghazali once said: (YAY IMAM AL GHAZALI!)
    • Bad friends are worse than snakes (because snake poison is physical; bad friends’ poison is spiritual)
    • Bad friends are even worse than shaytaan (because shaytaan only puts whispers into us; bad friends encourage, help make the means and pressure you to do it.)
    • So be careful who your friends are
  1. Find good friends
  2. Try to follow sunnah as much as you can (outward and private) (Follow Rasulullah and Allah will love you back.)
  3. Try to contemplate and reflect on Allah and life everyday.
  4. Practice makes it easy
  5. Try to remember Allah ALL THE TIME. Remembrance leads to love (Remember Allah and He’ll remember you.-Mom)
  • Live our lives like soldiers and ambassadors of Islam
  • Books on supplications and actions-try to memorize them (and say everyday)
  • mechanically following good will insha Allah lead you to be closer to Allah genuinely
  • Thikr wakes you up and heals your heart.
  • First purge bad, then introduce good, and then good becomes a habit.

That concludes my notes. Kinda messy, but I think they are better than some of the ones I (Keyword: I) have written.

If anyone is going the DH retreat this weekend, please take notes for me!

On a side note, typing up these notes reminded me how much our internal beings (or maybe mine) has wanted Allah all along….


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