June 5, 2008

Jummah Khutbah-Mufti Hussain Kamani at COD

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

By Allah’s Will (and I mean it), I had the opportunity to attend jummah at COD and attend Shaykh Kamani’s khutbah. It was short, and I didn’t take notes, but I thought it was simply beautiful.The topic he talked about was crying out of fear/for the sake of Allah. He believed that this is a sunnah that is not only being practiced, but is being forgotten. Crying was a way to remind us of Allah and stregthen our iman.

He gave these stories about Yahya as (? One of the people under Khalid ibn Walid RA) who lead an army to attack. And they reached a sea, and all the men thought that they could now do nothing. So then Yahya as (?) said some of Allah’s names with firm conviction and on his horse, he began to run on the surface of the water. He turned back to his men and told them to repeat the same thing too. And they did and ran on top of the water too. “It is a historical fact,” as Shaykh Kamani put it. I don’t know why I never heard that story growing up, but my mom knew that story too when I asked her.

He also mentioned Khaild ibn Walid RA who was asked by someone of a royal court if he was a companion of the Prophet saw. He said yes, and he/she said that if he was, he could drink a bottle of poison and not be harmed because Allah would protect him. So he made a duaa, and drank the whole thing and the person was in shock because one drop of that poison would have killed him, but he drank the whole thing and stood there.But then he moved on to talking about the actual topic abuot crying for the sake of Allah and out of fear of Him. He mentioned how when Abu Bakr RA would lead prayer, at certain ayahs, he would be crying so much that people wouldn’t hear him reciting, but they would only hear his crying.

Imam Thanawi (or was it Shafi? don’t remember) at certain ayahs pertaining to hell, it would overcome his heart and he would faint out of fear for Allah.

Rabia al Basri (Al-Adawiyah) was known that where ever she would pray, it would be wet with her tears from salah. And when she died, one place she prayed was a puddle of her tears and grass grew there.

Aisha RA also cried about many ayahs regarding Allah’s greatness and fear of the hell fire.

(For Sarah:) And he also talked about those Quran khanis where there would be a Qari who would recite an ayah and then all these people would be like, subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah…. And to some, that seems like a lot of taqwa, but one ayah that everyone said subhanallah to was an ayah about Allah sending people to hell for bad acts. So it was ironic how people aren’t really thinking what they are praising (because that isn’t an ayah you would say subhanallah to). So we need to think, reflect and come to a realization of Allah. And that would cause us to cry for the sake of Allah and out of fear of Him.

But all these different examples Shaykh Kamani was giving was to reawaken this idea that crying for the sake of Allah is an important quality of a believer and it brings us closer to Allah swt.

He mentioned a hadith where the Prophet (saw) would tell people that they should cry and if they can’t, pray they can cry or at least make the face that you are about to cry, because crying out of fear of Allah and for the sake of Allah is so important.

He also mentioned that the Arabic word, 3yn (funny, sounds like the letter) means both eye and spring (water spring). But he said the difference between them are great. The drop of water can clean physical impurities and wash dirtiness away; the tear from the eye washes the heart and cleans sins. You can buy a gallon of water from Walmart for $2, but a tear is priceless because of its ability to help a person clean themselves from sin and bring them closer to Allah.

He talked about how important it is to cry. Heck, I was tearing up. Maybe I am not communicating it well. Maybe it can’t be put in writing-or words. But the point he was saying that it can only be brought by Allah.

It was amazing. One of the best khutbahs I have heard in a LONG time. I wish it wasn’t so short. But it was about giving oneself away to Allah through crying. We communicate to him with tears. And the tear of a sinner is worth a lot to Allah. And a tear of a person who fears Allah is also worth a lot to Allah. But he said that we should cry, and we should value it. And pray it brings us closer to Allah and our realization of Him.

MAN! I wish I knew how to put what he said in written or oral form. It was… it was… maybe it meant something special to me But I hope it somehow touches you.

Anyway, he plans on coming back to COD in April and I AM SO TOTALLY GOING, INSHA’ ALLAH! (And Sarah, if you want, I can ask someone else to take us with our luck last time. Haha.)

***And I didn’t take notes this time, so I apologize if this post seems unorganized.***

***Addition from Sarah’s post***

Another thing I remembered is that he mentioned there are 4 types of fearing Allah/reasons why we obey Allah swt:
1) Out of fear of Hell
2) Because we want to go to Heaven
3) Because it’s ‘cool’ to be religious, or because that’s what everyone else is doing
4) Because we want to earn Allah’s pleasure and not make Him upset

In today’s world, most of us fall under the first three categories. But the sahabah RA would worship, fear, and obey Allah swt just for the sake of pleasing Him. So we should be that way also, insha’Allah. We shouldn’t abstain from sinning just because we don’t want to go to Hell, but because Allah swt will be displeased with us.




  1. Wasim said,

    Mashallah that was beneficial…. Jazakhallahkhairun.


  2. faith786 said,

    Thank you for stopping by and I am happy that it benefited you, Alhamdulillah!

  3. Shaizan Malik said,

    Mashallah he is a very good speaker. Has a lot of knowledge as well. He speaks regularly at Potter Masjid, and is the imamn of icc

  4. Faique said,

    This is amazing! You just answered TWO of my questions!!

    I was actually looking for the name of the Arabic portion of the Kutbah to lead Jumaah at my high school tommorow (we have a copy but I dont like the script) and you just answered a lot fo questions but I have some more left.

    1. Mufti Hussain Kamani–as in Shaykh Hussain’s friend who they went to U of C together and then his friend became a Mufti in Pakistan, I think he teaches at LUMS university in Lahore?

    2. Your paragraph on “He mentioned a hadith where the Prophet (saw) would tell people that they should cry and if they can’t, pray they can cry or at least make the face that you are about to cry, because crying out of fear of Allah and for the sake of Allah is so important.” satifies me but I think you should take a look at my blog, someone just recently asked about that when i mentioned that hadith saying that “so Islam valus appearance (acting like your crying) or substance?” and ya Maybe you can help me out ..

    check it out:

    awesome blog, i hope to keep reading,.
    Allah Hafiz

    -Faique Moqeet, Muslim Kid-

  5. ghufrana said,

    this is amazing. i wish someone recorded that lecture!

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