June 5, 2008

Islam: A Series of Fortunate Events; The Oneness of God-Imam Khalid Al Talib

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

So, FINALLY, EC started its first Islamic Lecture Series. A bit excited being a freshmen and seeing this happen at my college, but it wasn’t EC sponsored; a load of MSAs planned the event and EC just happened to be the location.

Anyway, the lecture I attended was called the Oneness of God, but the lecture had essentially nothing to do with the Oneness of God. But it was still a great lecture, nevertheless. My dad loved my notes and Sarah’s and thought the lecture had a lot of good messages for kids. So what I am typing up is this fusion of my notes and Sarah’s (and guessing that most of it will be Sarah’s). But I found a lot of what he said had a lot of spiritual references, but the way he talked didn’t really imply that. Or maybe he did. But here we go:

  • Before you take knowledge from someone, you should know their background (i.e. don’t trust a random person on the street.
  • There are no divisions in Islam (i.e. race, culture, education, money, class etc. etc.)
  • The jobs of the prophets were to tell people about Allah
  • People create barriers between them and Allah
    • (i.e. race, class, nationality and that is arrogance)
  • To know your Creator:
    • Sincere desire to learn
    • Humility
  • Again, these barriers (race, class, etc.)—to think it makes you better than someone else—is arrogance.
  • NOTE: Spiritual people tend to be young, poor, and uneducated
  • To learn about Allah is to learn about ourselves first:
    • Learn everything is in the hands of Allah
    • This includes one’s abilities, emotions, security, life circumstances-EVERYTHING
    • ***Blind people want to see, poor people want food shelter, but it is not in their hands. And they are content because it is the Will of Allah and they know Allah will recompense them in the akhirah.***
    • If God turned His attention for a second—we would cease to exist.
  • Our lives run by Allah’s Will
  • People have poor conditions, but they understand it is from Allah, and are content
  • Arrogance prevents knowledge from Allah. We are, by logic and reason, ultimately-NOTHING.
  • When seekers of knowledge begin, the minute they think they know something, they know nothing. The moment they think they are pious, they are not—this is kibr-arrogance.
  • Islam is perfect. If you add anything to it, or take something away from it, you are ruining its perfection.
  • “We hear, and we obey.”
    • This requires HUMILITY
  • You must have the right intention
  • What is life? To get an education when you are little, get a job, buy, buy more things to replace what you bought, buy to repair that which you bought, and then die?
    • We have belittled ourselves. There are few people of thought left.
  • To learn, we have to remove all of these biases—we are human and we WILL die. And what will happen after that?
  • In today’s world, people are defined by their careers—not as human beings. [BTW, careers can be another barrier]
  • We are caught up by personal desires.
  • We have created our own “bubble” and we make it and shape it by our own desires. We shun everything else out.
  • To think, reason, feel, external and internal—are gifts from Allah.
  • Allah created al of us:
    • Before this life, this life, barzakh, Day of Judgment and the akhirah. Our souls are immortal.
  • ***Each moment we live is a blessing and trust; our blessings and gifts (and have rights?) are from Allah***
  • To learn, we must realize our purpose
  • Everything is done for the pleasure of Allah
  • This life is a constant effort.
  • Reality does not change by perception
  • To achieve goodness in the akhirah, we must put the effort and sacrifice.
  • We work towards a goal-Allah.
  • Obsession leads to our destruction (save Allah)
  • NOTE: distrAction—distrUction. The different is U. =)
  • Are we ready to cleanse ourselves?
  • Difference between saying and believing.
  • Scholars learn for 13 years—learning prayer, faith etc. etc. so they can change
  • It is a grievous sight to Allah to see people say things they don’t do.
  • People need to THINK [THANK YOU, IMAM KHALID!]
  • Make the Quran impact our heart and life.
  • What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of person are you supposed to be?
  • Don’t recognize yourself with a job. We were created for something greater. Believe in change. One believer and God make a majority.

I am too lazy to go through Sarah’s notes add what I missed in here. Maybe later….

Excellent speech; I think I am going to remember a lot of things from it because a lot of applied to me.

Oh, and to end on a philosophical note, the speaker kept going back to one really powerful phrase:

(British accent): Bring me my water.

And with that, I leave you to contemplate. =)


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