June 5, 2008

Islam: A Series of Fortunate Events: A Message for All of Humanity: A Call to Islam-Mufti Azeemuddin

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Sorry for not posting for a while-midterms. Now that it is spring break, I’ll try to catch up on some notes I was supposed to type. I didn’t get to attend the second lecture of the series, but if I do get hold on someone else’s notes or get a recording of it, then I’ll try to type up those notes too.

I guess the lecture was called A Message for All of Humanity: A Call to Islam, but I think it was aimed towards Muslims (95% of the audience was Muslims) So the topic was more about Muslims rethinking their deen (meaning, the true value of it and how great Islam is).

Well, here are my messy notes. I got too lazy to edit them. I might later….

– Islam: A series of fortunate eventsàcoming of Rasulullah is really a fortunate event

– What did Rasulullah spend his life for? àQuran: We have sent you for the world(s) as mercy [to alliviate bad times, and bring peace]

– Alaminàencompasses everything (not just our world-worlds)

– Surah Fatihahàall praises to Allah for all the worlds (this dunyah and akhirah)

– Prophet (sas) was a source of mercy for everything in this world and hereafter

– Prophet (sas) teachings benefit everything (all different categories of life, human and non human)

– Purpose of Quran-Prophet uses the Quran to take people from darkness to light with the will of Allah.

– Quran is a book of guidance (rules, how to live in peace, etc.)

Prophet (sas) is there to EXPLAIN the Quran

The Prophet was sent as a role model for the Quran. We couldn’t understand the Quran by ourselves.

– Allah sent a normal human being (Prophet-has same needs) and sent it as a role model for people to emulate.

– His character WAS the Quran [in practice]

– Every era has a “fad” or something to help peace temporarily. The Prophet was sent to establish peace permanently (if people practice correctly)

– People can have every materialistic thing, but they can still be miserable (without friends) and the Quran and Allah can only bring happiness and contentment.

– Things are meant to be used for their correct purpose (i.e. microphone meant to amplify sound, otherwise useless-people meant to worship Allah. Anything short of that is useless.)

– Manual for our lives is the Qur’an; as long as we follow it we’ll be guided to the one Light. If we deviate from these teachings it’ll be the source of our collapse.

– With the permission of Allah swt people leave darkness and enter light

– So many times we try to figure out how things work, ——-[Sarah?]

– What is the status of the human being? à Think. What is life all about? We are studying everything but ourselves.

– Allah has already purchased your wealth and your lives. Now use what you have for Allah to achieve jannah.

Mind, body, place, earth and everything belongs to Allah and it is a *trust* to us to use properly for the pleasure of Allah.

– Hadith (roughly): A person comes close to Allah after finishing fard prayers and doing nafl. He gets really close that Allah becomes his eyes through which he sees, hands he uses, etc. àHe begins to do everything for Allah and every moment is for Allah. Every step, every breath, every heart beat. It will become a natural instinct. Ihsan. He will enjoin what is good and stay away from what is evil.

Still lead *normal* lives, but our intentions change, why we do things change, and we try to please Allah. We live to worship and recognizing Allah.

– Think about how we use our body, mind, everything to use it for what Allah wants.

– We let our arrogance get in front of us from improving to become better Muslims (i.e. not listening to some one who tells us our prayer mistakes) We do things not for our pride, but for Allah. So snap out of it.

– We must undergo our own personal jihad-our own personal struggle. We must overcome ourselves. Our inner shaytaan, carnal desires, etc. etc. (Today: Me, shaytaan and the nafs–is almost equivalent to–me, myself and I)

– The difficulty isn’t to break the physical idol (Muhammad sas didn’t break the idols in his time immediately) the difficulty lies in breaking the non physical idols-consumerism, desires, and materialism.

– We live in a society that promotes constant buying and consumerist society. It is looked at so much, it becomes a kind of ilah; a barrier to Allah.

– Subconsciously we are affected by material value (you secretly have higher respect for people that are richer. We need to flush that out too.)

– People have hearts, minds, but they lack direction [to Allah] and they cannot understand where they are now, and where they are going.

– People who do not try to grasp Allah, are worse than animals because we are more astray because we can think but we don’t use them to seek Allah.

– Animals kill or attack out of instinct and survival; we kill for no good reasonàwhy we are worse than animals.

– 5 Questions: where have you spent your life? Where did you spend your youth? [What you do now to please Allah is really rewarded] Where did we earn our wealth? Where did you spend it? The knowledge you have learned, how much did you practice it?

– The Prophet (sas) final words were: salah, salah….

– The first right Allah wants from us is prayer and worship. Greatest act-prayer.

– The rights of mankindà subordinates. Make sure you fulfill them.

– Do prayer and fulfill rights to subordinates.

– You cannot fulfill the right of Allah if you do not fulfill the rights of others.

– Truly believe from your heart that Islam is the greatest fortunate event. If you don’t believe that, then you better study.

When people put milestones of freedoms, in Islam, we can put the time of Islam-all freedoms were established then.

– “They will make falsehood look like truth, and truth look like falsehood,” Sign of Day of Judgment.

– The leader of deceivers is dajjal. [means “Deceive”]

– Less than 100 years ago, women’s right to own wasn’t established. Islam established that 1400 years ago.

– Be happy with what God gave you. Don’t envy what you don’t/can’t have.

– There is a notion that Society has liberated people.

– Trick or treat (on Halloween)-was actually in reference to virgin girls, NOT CANDY. EEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– When you go to a car show, they show girls wearing bad clothing. For advertising, they show women in revealing and demeaning clothing.

– Women are used to attract customers. Sacrificing women for economic progress (similar to women sacrificed for the Nile, for Halloween; we make women into a commodity; an object.)

– NOTE: Women get rights during wars-women were given so called rights for economic progress. (So are we really being fair to women?)

– Women are becoming slaves to the work and economic system. It is manipulation on the most appalling level.

– Become deaf to what the media says. Become deaf to everything that keeps you away from Allah and Islam. We must come to this realization. Islam IS the greatest thing that came. Ever.

– Islam has come to take humans out of slavery from other humans to servitude of Allah.

– Before giving dawah to others, we must first fix ourselves. Be thankful to Allah and hope for a higher understanding of our standing with Allah.

People can help others, but they cannot force on them. Only Allah can.




And that concludes my sucky notes. I really enjoyed this lecture. I think it struck a cord with me-especially the part he spoke about rethinking what we are doing and why we are doing them. That is why I am so reluctant to pick a major because at some point in the summer between high school and college, I began to realize, that what I major/career I pick, shouldn’t be what my parents want me to do, or even what I am really passionate about. It is about what God wants. So I pray for all you undecided or undeclared people out there that Allah swt guides our movements and lives to His Will and that Allah and You (and me) will both be happy.

=/ (Kind of stinks not knowing what I’m doing. Oh well, it is okay.)

…Oh, If I forgot anything or you want me to add something, let me know. =)


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