June 5, 2008

ICNA lectures on Da’wah at IFS

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Assalamu Alaikum,

Saturday, November 19th, 2007, IFS had ICNA come over and have a series of lectures on Da’wah. I took notes, along with Sarah and Zainab, and one speaker commented on how we were taking notes and no one else was. Haha. Anyway, the lectures were recorded, but I have no idea where the reocrdings are (can’t find them online). But anyway, here are my notes-not too organized, but they work:

Evolution (denying Darwinism):

  • Fossil records: no different than current organisms
  • Materialism: idea of eternity
  • Richard Darkins: denies the existence of God
  • Evolution idea started on three premises: racism, totalitarianism (Hitler), and communism
  • No fossil proves Darwinism
  • ICNA Haroon Yahya Museum-proves the idea of evolution wrong.

Prophet Muhammad saw was a messenger-making us responsible to do daw’ah

  • “Proclaim what Allah has revealed to you” and “have I not conveyed the message?”

Prophet Muhammad (saw):

  • Last Messenger
  • proclaimed that Islam is a universal religion (to everyone) and not a *limited* religion
  • He invited others to Islam
  • There must be a designated group of people who do da’wah
  • We are the messengers of the las messenger
  • Follow Allah and you will be loved and forgiven
  • Da’wah was critical to his life
  • 5 major descriptions of Da’wah: a witness bearer, caller, lamp giving light, giver of good news, and warner
  • he holds the “true freedom is servitude” concept
  • innate sense of holding the truth leads to spreading the truth

Da’wah comes in different forms:

  • Everyone should contribute to it
  • Convey Islam, even one ayah-that can change everything
  • Believing in one God can be sufficient to go to Paradise
  • Being a good example is a form of Da’wah, not only preaching
  • There are three kinds of non Muslims: those who don’t know, those who have a distorted view, and those who consciously know and reject Islam (Kafirs).

This next section of 17 points is my favorite: (funny this, the speaker who did this speech, did it over the phone being on speaker near a microphone because he couldn’t make it.) ( I don’t remember if it is pronounced Tazkirah, or tathkirah; pretty sure the latter.)

Importance of Tathkirah:

—Inviting people to Islam, not through information, but through Tazkirah, character

—A way to get closer to Allah is through Tathkirah and Da’wah

—How we can achieve Tathkirah:

  • To help and develop you relationship with Allah; Taqwah: out of love for Allah swt.
  • Sensitize our moral obligation and conscious (i.e. feel bad when you do bad)
  • Perform mandatory acts of worship and go beyond (i.e. Don’t just do good, BE good.)
  • Recite the Quran-foundation of purification
  • Remember Allah swt at all times (i.e. do tasbeeh, salawat, tauba, etc. etc.)
  • Develop our sense of responsiblity-worship Allah swt and be mindful of time-time is critical
  • Trust Allah swt-do not hasten results
  • Love Prophet Muhammad (saw), sahabah, and other prophets
  • Try to seek *correct* knowledge from credable and pure sources
  • Try to purify our intention, Ikhlas (everything we do is dedicated to Allah swt)
  • Keep company with righteous people
  • Remember blessings from Allah swt
  • Loving goodness for ALL of humanity (brother/sisterhood beyond racism) [“Our goodness dervies not from our capacity to think, but to love.”]
  • Remember the hereafter
  • Active in da’wah (the act itself) and fighting social pressure
  • Chose a good spouse for those seeking marriage
  • Familiarize ourselves with Islam-phobic materials (and try not to lose your temper =) )

Spiritual Life Journey Lessons:

  • Reach out: don’t expect curious people to figure it all out on their own.
  • Islam IS logical
  • Be supportive, not forceful
  • Don’t rush people
  • Ask questions slowly, take it one at a time, also recommend books, etc. etc.
  • Keep iman over national tendencies (???)
  • Give proper, and correct information

Sharing the Beauty of Islam through Service:

  • Gratitude, appreciation, sophisticated, passion in what we do (service)
  • teaching of Islam are universal-guidance for all life
  • teachings are timeless
  • (coprehensiveness of our religion)
  • understandthe world and Muslims living in this world
  • invitation to even Muslims who have forgotten or abandoned Islam
  • Islam-phobia—isn’t FEAR, more like HATRED—anti-Islam
  • Understanding must develop-through reading, etc. etc.
  • Passion to do da’waah. Passion and love and critical
  • We can’t have hatred all the time-it would drive us nuts
  • love people, just because they are people-love humanity
  • more SOPHISTICATED form of da’wah
  • religious imagination-undertstanding other religious perspectives
  • —speak on their terms: emotions, relationships, etc. etc.
  • —break social barriers
  • sophistication: be a good Muslim and all will fall into place
  • Have adhab, emotional control, just do good and be good. =)
  • perspective of da’wah that is based purely on service

The rest of my notes are too garbled up.

But one thing I love was a speaker was talking about how Muslims act like missionaires at times. And sometimes a Muslim will look at a non Muslim. And a non-Muslim will look at a Muslim, and there would be that awkward pause in the air… that… moment…. The da’wah moment. lol

Anyway, I hope anyone who is reading this got something out of it.


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