June 5, 2008

Diseases of the Heart- IFS Girls Halaqah #5

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I didn’t prolong putting this post up; it has just been a LONG time since we had a halaqah. No one recommended a topic, so it was about the diseases of the heart.


Diseases of the Heart

  • We tend to lean towards certain vices.
  • We were born pure, but our environment causes us to carry certain characteristics.
    • Every time period has certain vices–to counter it are the Saviors of the Spirit-Mujadid
  • Mujadid–>normal people who are unique–have special characteristics to battle the time period.
    • Ex: IMAM AL-GHAZALI!!->He was in the time of debate, philosophy, excessive questioning, etc.
    • And he mastered rhetoric and Allah gave him all they (people of that time period) knew and proved them wrong. RIGHT ON!
    • Book: Savior of the Spirit –check it out
  • Mujadid: they worked 24/7. Like, it was a characteristic that they didn’t need much sleep (they could be fine off an hour) and they were able to even bend time (do a lot in a little period) with Allah’s will.
    • They also helped figure out social ills from society (from family habits, friends, or wholly)
    • Our time period’s problem: Immodesty (It doesn’t seem wrong–in fact, it is even promoted)
    • Diseases need to be understood-being around the disease weakens us and makes us susceptible to it.

Couple things we need to do:

  1. Prevent disease from spreading in us (otherwise, our hearts will be hardened)
  2. Understand the disease to help others who show those characteristics
  3. Start looking at people in a non judgmental way
  • A king put 3 people in a prison-a faqeer, a mu’min and an aarif. He realized he put them in unjustly and he released them and spoke to each individually for their response–
    • Faqeer (knows fiqh) said that he can do that which was done on him-imprison the king.
    • Mu’min (noble believer) said that he forgave him.
    • Aarif (connector, one who knows[God]) said that he deserved it and that the king was the means to teach him something about himself from Allah
      • Learn lessons from people-what Allah is trying to tell him through people. We should try doing the same.
  • There are two types of men; There was once an aarif sitting in a room and a man came in nicely dressed (proper Islamic clothing) and the aarif didn’t say salaam. So the nicely dressed man got mad and left. Another man came in (not so nicely dressed) and the aarif didn’t say salaam to him either, and that man cried because he wondered if Allah was upset with him. [LESSON: It is not what is outside, but what is within and perspective. Don’t think you are all that.]
  • If something “bad” happens to us, it is not necessarily “bad”. It can be good. Maybe the “bad” thing protected us from something else–but take the lesson from it.
  • RULE: Take the blame for everything because we will be question for everything we have done.
  • It is human to be tried and tested to see if you will turn to Allah first.
  • Sins harden one’s heart (like cutting one’s body and possibly poisoning it)
  • Not enough ibadaat (like undernourishment)
  • Working had only for wealth–>MAJOR disease [it is seeking the dunyah.]
  • Sins:
    • ones between you and Allah (they can be more easily rectified)
    • ones between you and other people (harder to rectify)
    • big and small sins
      • small sins add up and can become worse than big sins (because you might not have recognized the small sins and you didn’t say tauba)
  • Process of sin:
    • idea
    • desire
    • committing it
  • Cure: Tauba

Phew, I am tired of typing. Insha’ Allah anyone who is reading this will benefit something from it. Ameen!


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