June 5, 2008

Developing Love for the Prophet (sas), by ???

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Another lecture I found in Sarah’s notebook. First page, actually. I saw the title and I knew immediately I had to type these notes up. This is something that is really critical in our lives but is often overlooked-love for Allah, the Prophet and that which can get us closer to them. I don’t know who the speaker is, hence the ???, but I read through the notes and I found some areas touched me.

  • Allah says that if your worldly things are more dear to you than Allah and His messenger, all you have to do is wait for the punishment.
  • 3 things that should be most beloved:
    • Allah swt
    • Prophet Muhammad (sas)
    • Striving in the path of Allah
  • Love: that when a person’s soul/mind/heart is turned towards something because of beauty, their capability and empathy
  • Love resides in the heart. Who do we love?
  • Why do we love celebrities, etc.? Do they have anything for us? No.
    • They are forces to smile and be nice (fake)
    • Do they have beauty in other aspects?
    • Their qualities do not affect us
  • Jamal, Kamal, Nawaal-only Allah and Rasul (sas) have it
  • Muhammad (sas) was complete in every aspect/part of life
    • Beauty, akhlaq, sympathy
    • Strived to do most for the Ummah
  • Entered Makkah, Umar RA said there will be bloodshed/vengeance, Ibn Abbas tells Abu Sufiyan to say what Yusuf said: forget about killing, I won’t scold you. May Allah have mercy on you because Rasulullah doesn’t want anyone to be more sympathetic than him. He forgave Abu Sufiyan. [I don’t understand this entirely.]
  • Our love is not of the level to obey Allah and His Rasul in every aspect.
  • Impossible to be a Muslim without the love.
  • When our love increases, we’ll be enlightened and have light in our life; we’ll be able to differentiate good/bad.
  • Rasulullah completely changed people of Makkah in 23 years by instilling his love in their hearts.
  • Bedouin said when is the Day of Judgment, and Rasulullah said, why are you asking, what have you prepared for it? He said not much in ibadat; didn’t fast, pay sadaqah but I have love forAllah and His Prophet, Rasulullah said you have nothing to worry about and you’ll be resurrected with the Prophet (sas). [THAT IS NOT TO IMPLY YOU CAN STOP FASTING AND GIVING SADAQAH. Thank you….]
  • On the Day of Judgment, we’ll be with who we love. Sahabah were never more happy than when they found that out because they truly loved him [Rasulullah]
  • If we loved him that much, we’d also feel that way.
  • Means nothing to say it, must live by it
  • Who loves Prophet (sas), poverty will come rushing to him. [But Uthman wasn’t poor, so how does that work?]
  • Sahabah loved family, stuff, etc. but they sacrificed their lives for Allah and His messenger because they wanted to attain Paradise, preference to that over everything else.
  • There was a pause after 1st revelation, people questions and taunted him. Khadijah even questioned him. People said your Lord forgot about you. Allah consoled him by surah Duha. ‘You Lord has not left you/forgot you. Don’t worry what people say because hereafter is better and this world is painful. Your Lord shall give you so much until you are pleased with Him’-shows status of Muhammad (sas) in the sight of Allah. [NOT THAT ALLAH HAS SIGHT LIKE HUMAN SIGHT, thank you….]
  • Surah begins with oath (the sun before midday, night when it engulfs0. Allah does not need to take oaths.
  • Musa AS ran to Mt. Toor to speak to Allah only to attain His Pleasure (Look at Prophet Muhammad saw compared to that.) [???]
  • Aisha RA said it appears like ALLAH is trying to please MUHAMMAD. Speaks to him in a loving tone and by TITLE rather than by NAME. (like other prophets)
  • If Allah treats him like that, how can we not be in love with him? We can’t claim to be sincere unless we act like we do.
  • Allah swt said what people say can’t affect relationship between Him and Muhammad (sas)

Signs of Love of Prophet (sas) and Allah:

  1. Follow his Sunnah-no way you can be a Muslim if you don’t. If you do, Allah will love you and forgive your sins. No boundaries to Allah’s Mercy. Lover obeys one he loves. Whoever revives a Sunnah, he is true to his word and shown love for the Prophet. Who loves him will be with him in Jannah.
  2. When faced with a difficulty, turn to Prophet (sas). See how he would have handled it. Allah takes oath on Himself that we can’t be true believers unless we make Rasulullah judge of our affairs (read hadith). Then don’t resist accepting that decision, love it.
  3. Help Islam through our actions/words. Sahabah gave everything for Prophet (sas). Two groups of sahabah: one who sacrificed their life for Allah and one who eagerly waiting to.
  4. Takes comfort in Hadith/Seerah in times of difficulty. Rasulullah went through 1000x more difficulty: stoned, intestines thrown [at him], grandchildren suffered from hunger, etc. His fever has equivalent to two people. Suffered more in every way. Our problems are nothing.
  5. Remember him frequently. Say durud, act on his sunnah. When a person is in love, only speaks of his beloved, thinks about him, does anything to please him.
  6. When his name is said, overcome with awe and love. Khashee*—fear out of love.
  7. Desire to meet Rasulullah (sas). Sahabah would rush to the masjid to see him and then be at ease. He was worried that if he went to hell he wouldn’t see him and if he went to heaven Rasulullah (sas) would be all the way at the top. Ayah was revealed saying pious people would be there too.
  8. Love for the Quran. Because it is the word of Allah swt.
  9. Love for hadith and implementing them.

There is a divide in Sarah’s notes, so I’ll end these notes here. It would be nice if Sarah can tell me why the divide was created. But yeah, excellent notes, no? Thank you for letting me share them. Insha’ Allah you and I will get hasanat for people who benefit from reading this.


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