June 5, 2008

***Darul Hikmah: Revivers of Islam*** Saviors of the Spirit-Shaykh Husain Sattar

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

Still avoiding my paper. (God, I miss AP English Literature….)

So, I have Sarah’s notebook, and I am totally copying her notes. I lost my Darul Hikmah notes because they were in the same notebook as the one that got trashed at the Surah Kahf lectures and a little while after the lecture, I went to someone’s house with that notebook and a little baby ripped out the pages, save two that are half ripped. I was a bit depressed, I won’t lie. But Allah does everything for a reason. So now I am jacking Sarah’s notes (But I have permission, so I have half adhab. Haha.):

Saviors of the Spirit-Shaykh Husain Sattar

  • Miracle of the Prophet (sas)–>he carried the entire deen on his shoulders; other scholars just have parts.
  • —trained over 100, 000 sahabah to carry it. They were so able that they also became a source of the deen. Different groups mastered different aspects of Islam.
  • Tasawwuf-purification of the soul; the science of purifying one’s heart
  • —aka Tazkiyah, Sufism [Which is an extremely loaded term these days]
  • —preservation of spiritual aspects of the deen; goal of spiritual acts is to please Allah swt.
  • We know what we’re supposed to do, but have a hard time doing it
  • —because the heart has to be focused.
  • We come into the world with an empty heart, as we interact with it, the things that attract us drive our hearts.
  • We should detach our heart from dunyah so it will naturally be attracted to Allah swt. The heart is ‘sticky.’
  • The essence of all problems is [the]dunyah.
  • Sole purpose of existence should be for Allah swt.
  • We should know our pious predecessors so we have something to be connected to, a tradition to be part of.

Characteristics of the Mutasawwifeen:

1. Absolutely sincere with themselves

  • —Imam Al-Ghazali->born in 1058, began studying the deen at age 12, rapidly progressed. When he was 27, he was invited to the court, eventually made chief professor of the University of Baghdad. Studied philosophy until he was the greatest philosopher of that time, and crushed it with Islam. Studied tasawwuf until he mastered it and realized it’s the essence of the deen. So he quit his job, moved to Damascus, and studied under the mutasawwifeen for 10 years. He laerned things about the reality of life tat he couldn’t have learned in any other way.
  • ——>shows importance of sincerity and tasawwuf
  • Life is full of noise-allows you to hide from yourself. You have to silence the noise and figure out what you’re doing and what you want->you are the true judge of yourself. [and Allah!]

2. Path to Wilayah is through Sunnah

  • Wilayah [Sarah wrote it in Arabic]: connection with Allah swt.
  • We have the desire to attract attention; we can either attract people’s attention or Allah swt’s attention
  • What do we have to do to attract Allah swt’s attention?
  • —follow the Messenger (sas)
  • Shaykh Hussain Ahmad Matani
  • —wanted to free India from British rule. Went into hiding because British were looking for him, but came out after a couple days because he didn’t want to NOT follow the sunnah.
  • Seek to achieve your peak.
  • look to your scholars and make sure they embody the sunnah. […Hmmm….]

3. Deep in Ibadah

  • Tasawwuf is bound by Quran, Sunnah, and Shariah
  • —nearness to Allah swt is sought through that
  • Find an outlet to develop your tasawwuf-a shaykh or whoever you can get [???], and keep good company

*The Faith Movement of Maulana Ilyas-dissertation about Tabligh*

…And I need to type some other lectures in her notebook, but MAN! I am lazy….

***I am in my Islam class posting this and the professor is talking about how science and the Quran match. Hehe, thank God I attended a lecture earlier that was all about that.***


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