June 5, 2008

***Darul Hikmah: Revivers of Islam*** Protectors of Tradition-Shaykh Bilal Ali Ansari

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I FINISHED MY ROUGH DRAFT FOR MY ENGLISH PAPER (But I didn’t reread what I typed, oh well-someone else will. =) ) Anyway, I have time now and I should be studying for my Arabic exam, but ahh, oh well. =) These are Sarah’s notes for another lecture at the Revivers of Islam retreat. I think Allah swt took my notes away because they were bad and Sarah’s were better. It’s okay, I guess we learn more that way. =)

Revivers of Islam: Protectors of Tradition

  • We need to recognize the muhadditheen, because if it weren’t for their sacrifices, we wouldn’t have Islam the way we do today, and we wouldn’t be able to understand the Quran (ex: # of rakat in salah) [Sarah, your *ands* look like *laam alifs*]
  • Until the time of Bukhari, recording hadith wasn’t widely practiced because there was no fabrication.
  • Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Malik[Random Note: he wrote the first shi’ ah collection of hadith], Abu Dawud, Ahmad ibn Hanbal—>Muhadditheen
  • Imam Bukhari memorized 70,000 ahadith asa child, wrote At-Tarikh al-Kabeer [The Great History] at age 18—>then people began to know him.
  • Once he went to Baghdad and there were 4000 libraries there because rich people would have open libraries in their homes. 10 muhadditheen decided to test him so they mixed up some ahadith and told them to him. He was able to correct each one.
  • For a period of time, he didn’t take notes. People thought he was wasting time, but he actually memorized all the ahadith and his memory was better than their notes.
  • The muhadditheen sacrificed so much for the sake of knowledge [and for the sake of Allah]
  • When they went for Hajj, they would stay there a long time after to learn.
  • Imam Bukhari was born into a wealthy family; gave all his inheritance away in sadaqah. He would grass and leaves because he had no money left for himself; sometimes 2-3 almonds a day.
  • He used to pay his students to study
  • Imam Nawawi was so devoted to knowledge that he never married
  • Imam Bukhari would wake up 15-20 times every night to write down something he recalled.
  • Imam Muslim died while recording ahadith because he was so engrossed in it that he didn’t realize how much he was eating [Imam Muslim had a habit that while studying ahadith, he would eat dates, so he was working on recalling one ahdatih that he kept eating dates until he passed away, thought I ought to clarify]
  • Imam Bukhari would recite the Quran once a day in Ramadan outside of salah and 1/3 in tahajjud. The women of his house would also recite it once a day. [OMG!!!]
  • Jabir ibn Abdullah travelled to Damscus just to confirm the authenticity of a hadith
  • Anyone who goes out on the path of knowledge is on the path of Allah swt.
  • Imam Shafi said the people of hadith in every age are like the sahabah.
  • Once Imam Bukhari made intention to sell something to a man for 5000 dinars. Even though someone else offered more he didn’t sell it to him because he already made that intention .
  • After Imam Bukhari’s death, someone had a dream of the Prophet (sas) walking and Imam Bukhari folowing his footsteps.

And that concludes Sarah’s notes. While I was typing them, I was remembering the actual lecture and I remember how much I began to appreciate the muhadditheen. And I remember my mom telling me that when you read books by these great scholars, you are speaking to them and they are speaking to you and that when you recall knowledge they gathered, they get filled with joy and send their good wishes to you. Whether or not it is true, I do believe that there is some kind of bond that is created with them when reading their works. I feel that way about Imam Al Ghazali. Anyway, AMAZING PEOPLE. NOW I WANT TO READ A BOOK ON THE SCIENCES OF HADITH.


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