June 5, 2008

***Darul Hikmah: Revivers of Islam*** Ideal Women-Shaykh Minhajuddin Ahmed

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(Smiling) I wonder if someone who attended this lecture is reading this other than Sarah…. I love how her notes for the other lectures are very comprehensive and this one is a bit more… concise. Haha. I think this was one of those situations like the Emperor who was wearing no clothes. Anyway, here are Sarah’s notes for the lecture:

Revivers of Islam: Ideal Women

  • If all men of the ummah followed the sunnah, it wouldn’t have much effect if the women didn’t [Like the African proverb: You teach a man, you teach an individual. You teach a woman, you teach a community.]
  • Imam Shafi was raised by his mother; she sacrificed so much for his education so he could learn the deen of the Prophet (sas) and spread it.
  • —he said that the essence of the knowledge he gained was from her (about tawakkul and not loving the dunyah)
  • Once Prophet (sas) saw curtains on Fatima RA’s house and silver bracelets on Hasan and Hussain RA. He wept until she took them off because he didn’t want to see her give up the akhirah for dunyah.
  • Asmaa bint Abi Bakr—>raised Abdullah bin Zubair
  • More sacrifice in ibadah=more reward insha’ Allah.

These are all of Sarah’s notes for this lecture. =)

I would like to note that I don’t believe that the speaker ever mentioned Aisha RA once (I could be wrong, but I was waiting for that name.) But the real issue I had was that he mentioned all the women who helped Imams, which is great and may they have janahtul firdous insha’ Allah, but he gave all these examples of secondary figures and not any examples of primary figures. (I would think Aisha RA, Khadijah RA, and Rabia Al-Adawiyah would count.) But nevertheless the lecture had a lot of content. The men seemed pleased with the lecture; it was the only one that they did a takbeer in. =)

I really hope there is another lecture on this topic that is a bit more comprehensive. I know that was supposed to be the most anticipated lecture of the night (or at least, in the women’s section.) I won’t say anymore before I burst into laughter.

If anyone would like to bring information about ideal women in Islam, by all means, I would love to add it to this post. =)


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