June 5, 2008

Chambers of Etiquette, by Mufti Azeemuddin Ahmed at BU *(Part 3/4)*

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum,

I GOT TO GO TONIGHT! Alhamdulillah! But I came about 20 minutes late, so I missed a little bit. I found out there are four lectures, not five, and that there were significantly a lot more people at this lecture series than the Surah Kahf ones. Well, whatever floats your boat, I suppose….

I apologize ahead of times that my notes are bad compared to Sarah’s. And I wrote in Sarah’s lecture notebook without her permission, and I am sorry for that too. Your pretty handwriting has been disturbed by my chicken scratches. But I thought it would look nice if that part of the notebook had all the Chambers of Etiquette notes together…. You can rip it out if you don’t like it.

I tried to copy hadith and ayahs down that the speaker was saying, but he spoke too quickly. So I paraphrased and I am perfectly aware that it isn’t the perfect translation. So when you see “Hadith:” or “Quran:”, it isn’t literally, but paraphrasing. Anyway, notes:

Part III

—–Sorry! I came late—–

  • Allah swt blessed us and made it possible for us to attend the lecture.
  • So don’t think less of people who couldn’t attend.


  • If you are a true believer, you’ll LOVE Iman. (Even if you don’t understand a ruling fully, you love it.)
  • —Islamic method is what we’ll love, not society’s conventional ways
  • Hadith: Oh Allah, make Iman beloved to us and fill our hearts with it.
  • Islam is the most natural way of life—ask Allah to bless us.
  • —and to true believers, it is completely natural
  • We must ask Allah to LOVE Islam, Allah and the Prophet (saw)
  • Allah made sins, kufr, etc. disgusting to true believers. They are naturally turned away by sins.
  • True believers LOVE to do good and ARE DISGUSTED by evil.


  • We have the ability of choice-we can chose our actions that will take us to heaven or hell.
  • —As much as we LOVE Islam, but to say, “do as you like,” or feel apathetic to sins around you is wrong.
  • If you see another evil (i.e. smoking), you can’t be in the presence of it and be completely chill about it.
  • True believer loves Iman and hates kufr. If there is an imbalance, a person is not a true believer.
  • Three qualities makes a person a true believer, with Iman:
  1. Allah and the Prophet (saw) are more beloved than anything else.
  2. A person loves another person just for the sake of Allah.
  3. The thought of turning to evil, the person will hate it like jumping into fire.
  • LOVE THE SINNER, HATE THE SIN (Islam believes in hating the act, but not the person.)
  • Once the Prophet (saw) was at war, and he was getting attacked. he got hit by arrows and a chain split into his mouth and hit his jaw and some of his teeth came out. He was bleeding really badly and he said (relatively): Oh Allah, please give my nation guidance.
  • —He had soooooooooooooo much patience, so should we.
  • —Islam is not violent or abusive; we are peaceful and patient


  • Love for Iman is a blessing from Allah swt.
  • Allah is the Controller of hearts; He controls your emotions.
  • —He is the one who makes you laugh, He is the one that makes you cry.
  • —He is the one who makes you rich, He is the one who makes you poor.
  • —People turn to Him last, but in reality, we should turn to Him first.
  • ——>Physically, psychologically and spiritually
  • Allah is the Controller of our hearts and souls. We must turn to Him for EVERYTHING.
  • —Hadith: Oh Changer of hearts, make my heart firm in Your Religion.
  • Ask Allah to instill love in us.
  • Allah can put love for Iman and love for kufr (wa al-‘iyaazu bilah)
  • —Hadith: Oh Allah, don’t let my heart go astray, and don’t make me misguided after achieving Your Guidance.
  • —There are duaas for loving Allah, people who love Allah, and for Him to love us.
  • We ask Allah for trivial things, but we should really ask Allah for His Love and Guidance.
  • —(In reference in wanting to do bad over good.)
  • Quran: Those who believe and do righteous actions, Allah will grant His Love (from other people)
  • —But do good for Allah, not for show.
  • —Ex: Allah tells angels to love Prophet (saw). Angels love Prophet Muhammad (saw) and then people began to love him.
  • —Also opposite Ex: Allah tells angels to hate a person. Angels hate a person, then people hate the person
  • ——This means that love and hatred are in the Hands of Allah [Not literal hands. For more info, read Attributes of God.]
  • Hadith: Whosoever pleases Allah, while making others angry, Allah shall be pleased with Him, and eventually Allah will make those people love him.
  • Hadith: Whosoever angers Allah, while making others happy, eventually Allah will make them all hate him.
  • —You might be cool now, but later they will hate you.
  • So we should do everything for Allah.
  • [RANDOM: The speaker all of a sudden had a tangent about a past question that someone asked about the Prophet (saw) having multiple wives and Islam states that they must be treated equally, but he apparently loved Aisha RA the most. So Shaykh Azeemuddin said that that a man with multiple wives is required to maintain them equally (i.e. money, time spent, facilities) but not love equally, explaining why the Prophet loved Aisha RA more, but he treated all his wives equally.]
  • —From the above, love cannot be manipulated, but the actions and end result can be.


  • We can fight, but we should avoid it and make peace and be just.
  • Hadith: Every Monday and Thursday, Allah is presented with what we did each week and for the good things we did (or anything but shirk, the speaker added) Allah opens the doors of Paradise and gives barakah to people.
  • —THIS IS NOT TO SUGGEST ALLAH DOESN’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE MONDAY AND THURSDAY. It is something systematic, and we cannot fully explain, but He knows all when it happens and before it happens, so don’t get any ideas.
  • Hatred for another Muslim can lead a person out of Islam SO AVOID IT.
  • Hadith: A person who somewhat lies to reconcile two people can’t be considered a liar. [Meaning, it is okay.]
  • —But don’t start lying; it becomes a NASTY habit.
  • —Don’t lie unnecessarily
  • You don’t have to LOVE everyone, but you can’t harbor hatred. That’s really bad.
  • Quran: Verily believers are brothers, so seek reconciliation.
  • Brother/sisterhood is simply having the love. (So you don’t have to huddle up and be like: WE HAVE THE BROTHERHOOD YO!)
  • —To attain it, we need to get rid of the negative things (backbiting, slandering, lying, etc. etc.)
  • —We are naturally brothers/sisters; evils are what separate us.
  • [RANDOM: Many ayahs pertaining to adhab and human relationships are in surah Hujrat]
  • To attain brother/sisterhood, just STOP evils.
  • When you are jealous of someone, praise them to their face to get rid of it.
  • Imam Thanawi: believes that the reason why people fight is because of expectations (i.e. a person new to college will expect someone to help him out, but no one does, so the kid gets mad.)
  • —He recommends not to have any expectations so you can appreciate things if they happen.
  • —Do everything for the sake of Allah and everything will work out.
  • Do something for Allah so that if you don’t get praise, you don’t get sad and that if you get praise, you don’t get happy. Only Allah makes you happy.
  • FEAR ALLAH!=) If brother/sisterhood falls apart, Islam falls apart.


Question and Answer Session that I actually recorded:

Q: Why does Allah make us feel pain?

A: [Who ever asked this really needs to think] First of all, proper adhab: Don’t say Allah, even though it is Him. Don’t say anything that displeases Allah. Say it is from shaytaan. Pain is a test from Allah to get us closer to Him. [And what we think as pain is only temporary. Pain isn’t bad. Pain is another form of communication with Allah. If we truly contemplate and think of our relationship of Allah, it is no longer pain….]

Q: Qadr- Allah has the ability to put love for kufr in a person and has the ability to make someone sin-so why would he do that and what should we do if we can’t do anything about it. How does it work?

A: We are not completely forced. [someone asked Ali RA something similar and he told the man to lift his leg-so the man did-and then Ali RA told him to lift his other leg-the man said he couldn’t. That is Qadr. Choice-but limited choice.] You choose and Allah helps you on that path. You can to some extent, and then Allah controls what happens.

…Some bakwas gender relation questions….

Q: If a guy says salaam to a girl, (or opposite) is it obligatory to respond?

A: You don’t HAVE to reply if it will cause evil, lust, etc. But if you believe there is no fear of lust, then you can.

Q: Any books to recommend on Adhab?

A: The collection of Imam Bukhari’s hadiths and Al-Adhab Al-Mufrad, by Imam Bukhari. Shaykh Nabeel Khan is doing a lecture series at MSI Masjid about the latter after Isha.

Q: Where can you find connections to female scholars?

A: Call up IIE and Shariah Board on Devon [I found that response funny, but a bit sad. We don’t know any female scholar publicly.I guess that is a sign of hayaa’, but I would think that there would be at least one publicly known….]


And that concludes my notes. I apologize if my notes keep repeating themselves. The speaker did too, out of emphasis. Anyway, Sarah’s notes beat me by a mile, so I ought to take her notes more often and type them up….


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