June 5, 2008

Chambers of Etiquette, by Mufti Azeemuddin Ahmed at BU *PART (2/4)*

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Assalamu Alaikum,

Again, I couldn’t make it to this lecture, (I hope to catch this Wednesday’s!) and I was very fortunate a friend of mine took notes. So again, not my notes, but insha’ Allah there is tons of barakah (and anyway, her notes are more organized than mine)

3. Speaking loud:

  • Naturally, unintentionally, or on purpose
  • The Sahabah would speak so low that Prophet (sas) had to ask them to raise their voices; they naturally had taqwa in their hearts

  • Allah swt says in the Quran that He is pleased with the sahabah and they are pleased with Him; they are the chosen servants of Allah.
  • Prophet (sas) said: a person follows the religion of their friends. And a person can be judged by their friends.[OMG! I have AMAZING friends! (Masha’ Allah) But I am the dork of the squad.]
  • Allah swt looked into te heart of all humanity and found Prophet (sas)’s to be the best, so He chose him as a prophet, and searched the rest and chose the sahabah to be his companions/advisors. [Advisors?!? …okay….]
  • There will be 73 factions of Islam all will enter hell except one.
  • We should learn how the companions understood and practiced Islam.
  • Every group says their teachings are based on Quran/Sunnah so people will listen to them, so we should look for the sahabah’s explanations
  • Whoever insults a companion has strayed from the true path of Islam

4#? ———

  • If a sinful person brings you a report, check for its veracity. [I wonder is if Sarah used this word or if the speaker did. Either way, loving it!]
  • There’s a difference between dealing with a righteous person and transgressor; shouldn’t trust information from a transgressor, investigate the matter. (i.e. don’t make up stories just to get attention.)
  • When there are 3 people, 2 are not allowed to whisper or speak a different language. [HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-I can think of a million cases of the latter.]
  • People will never be able to harm you in the least, except by the permission of Allah.
  • Prophet (sas) once passed by a grave and was informed the people were being punished for sins that were major, but they didn’t consider major: one person would spread false tales and the other didn’t do istinja properly.
  • Prophet (sas) said it is sufficient for a person to be rendered a liar if he relates everything he hears.
  • —because many things are untrue based not the whole truth, etc.
  • A person who spreads rumors between 2 people and causes them to fight with each other will not enter Paradise.
  • During the 1st hijrah to Habasha (Ethiopia), news reached them that the situation was better in Makkah so they went back but it was false information.
  • When rumor has spread about Aisha RA, Prophet (sas) said if she’s innocent, Allah will prove her innocence, and if not, repent to Allah swt, for He forgives sins. She said she will remain patient like Yaqub (AS). When Allah swt revealed the ayahs of her innocence, she refused to thank anyone except Allah swt.
  • Those who enjoy spreading rumors, for them is a punishment (Quran).
  • The sinner and the one who spreads the news get the same punishment (hadith).

*If you are unable to ask a person’s forgiveness who you backbited about, make duaa for them and/or give sadaqah for them.

*You are what you eat—>eating food from righteous people is better for you.

…And THAT, concludes the notes for the second BU lecture in the series of Chambers of Etiquette. (Pray I get to go this Wednesday!) And thank you, Sarah, for the notes. =)


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