May 22, 2008

Ways to Become Closer to Allah-IFS Girls Halaqah #3

Posted in IFS Halaqahs at 2:06 pm by faith786

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There was so much said in this halaqah, it was hard to capture it all. And also there were some interesting questions at the end, but I didn’t record them, so I’ll try to put up what I remember.

Ways to become closer to Allah:

  • Someone else making sincere duaa for you. (Particularly elders-parents, grandparents, and righteous people)
  • —This form of duaa doesn’t always need to be verbal-it can be in the heart, or a kind of happiness they feel from you.
  • Help other good, noble people, righteous people.
  • Make sacrifices for Allah and He will draw you closer to Him and protect you.
  • Dedicate your talents for the sake of Allah (not to make money, get attention, etc. etc.)
  • —Keep in mind, our talents are from Allah and should be used for the sake of Allah.
  • What ever part of life you are in, use what is in the environment around you or resources you have and use them to get cloer to Allah or to do good and that will help you get closer to Allah.
  • Keeping to the rules of Islam are important (and being strict,) but what really helps a person get closer to Allah is to have compassion, be self-sacrificing, up hold morals and putting forth the effort to do the right thing for Allah. This is the different between and Muslim and non Muslim.
  • Also be mindful of what you do in private and at home-the little things like smiling, giving a helping hand, listening to others are things that makes Allah happy. This is because it is our daily lives that Allah looks at, not only the major accomplishments. (The daily life is a major accomplishment on its own in a way =) )
  • Again, it is important to be kind to others, smile, and do small things every day that helps others. It is like… the little things that REALLY matter.
  • And what ever goodness we do, no one needs to know about it, it doesn’t have to be said-it is all internal and being private about doing good also brings you closer to Allah.
  • One the greatest ways to get closer to Allah swt: ***DON’T HAVE NEGATIVE FEELINGS OR IMPRESSIONS TOWARDS OTHER PEOPLE.*** Think good of everything.
  • —Make excuses for others, think of other possibilities.
  • —This takes months of practice and training to perfect.
  • —And the reason why we should do this is because human beings are Allah’s creation and everything Allah makes is good, so we should respect them and harbor no harsh feelings towards them.
  • Do things with sincerity and genuinely (For the sake of Allah)
  • What ever you do alone is CRITICAL and one should follow their fitrah and be good.
  • Another thing to think about is not just ways we can get closer to Allah swt, but things we should not do to avoid losing the connection. Enjoin that which is good and forbid that which is evil.
  • Decisions we make everyday should be based on whether or not it will make me closer to my deen,
  • This knowledge is meant to be learned and passed to others.
  • —This is to keep Islam and we pass it not by just lecturing people, but by seeking knowledge, serving others and being good examples.
  • Remember, the heart was created to love Allah, so we are naturally drawn closer to Him, but outside influences affect us. So be careful of other influences around you, be it family, friends or society at large.

Some Random stuff that was also brought up:

…. I’ll fill this out later, I am really tired and I have a lot on mind. But there were some question about khushoo, how to tell if you are getting closer to Allah and some other questions. Insha ‘Allah, I’ll try to update this soon.


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