May 22, 2008

Thankfulness to Allah-IFS Girls Halaqah #4

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  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Assalamu Alaikum,

SO… this halaqah just popped itself out of the normal schedule and not many people came. But it was still really good and really beneficial. I personally thought it came at the perfect time for me. Actually, I think that topic can come at a *perfect time* for anyone. This halaqah’s topic was about thankfulness to Allah.

Due to the respect of the speaker, I can’t really type up the personal things she talked about, so I’ll type up the general stuff. And a lot of it was emphasis and repetition of being grateful, so my notes are a bit short. And I’ll probably add a bit of my own personal commentary. =) (uh-oh….)

Thankfulness to Allah:

  • There are children BORN with physical ailments-some that can be fatal, lifelong, paralysis, and other major ailments.
  • —From this, our lives could have been so different-even from birth-and those of us who don’t suffer physical abnormalities or *exceptionalities* should be grateful. We owe it all to Allah.
  • Are the things we consider *normal* (i.e. the ability to see, use our fingers, hear, breathe) actually *normal* or gifts from Allah? He doesn’t owe us anything and He gave us all these physical and mental abilities.
  • Imagine losing physical sensation in ONE finger… we really should be grateful to Allah.
  • There are so many ways, so many different things that can go wrong->physical health, financial situation, political situation, mental health, social relationships, etc. etc. and here we are, extremely fortunate. YOU ARE EXTREMELY FORTUNATE AND BLESSED IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ THIS STATEMENT.
  • Allah blessed us with parents, parent, or a guardian.
  • —they take care of us, feed us, provide shelter, and provide comfort. Sometimes we take the time out to thank them and sometimes we don’t.
  • —but really, Allah sent them for us, so we should even be more thankful to Allah.
  • Our body functions (breathing, going to the bathroom, blinking) are blessings.
  • When we sneeze, we say alhamdulillah—>
  • —because we lost our breath for a moment. That moment, we could have died, but Allah gave us that second breath. It is a reminder that Allah blesses us with EVERY breath.
  • Many of us should be grateful for being BORN into the deen, into Muslims families. It must be really hard for non Muslims and converts. We got it easy.
  • There was a story that one man was getting his deeds weighed, and the scale tipped to hell; he was at the point of no return. Then one thing he did caused Allah to demand his scale to be tipped and grant him heaven. (I don’t know what the one thing is yet, the speaker said she’ll find out. When she said she couldn’t remember, it was totally anticlimactic.)
  • —but heaven is promised for those who thank Allah and do tauba. (DO TAUBA!)

Spirituality with being thankful to Allah:

  • To be thankful to Allah makes a person closer to Allah.
  • It was debating amongst the scholars, but it is held in majority belief that a wealthy person thankful to Allah vs. a poor person who is patient is considered closer to Allah and has a higher station. (Again, this is argued and of course, Allah is the best judge, but the idea is, BE GRATEFUL)
  • When some hardship comes (death of someone close, natural “disaster”) Allah is testing us to see if we will turn to Him and be grateful. It is one of His ways to make us closer to Him. So be patient and thankful!
  • Thankfulness is a form of dhikr—it makes a person stronger—and it polishes a person’s heart.
  • When a person is thankful to Allah swt, Allah showers more and more of His Mercy on the person.
  • A person’s perspective of life is a reflection of his.her relationship with Allah swt. If a person sees everything as a sign from Allah and is grateful for it, it brings the person closer to Allah.
  • Being thankful to Allah makes a person one of His beloved.
  • Prayers—this is what we give Allah swt—we should put our hearts in it and be thankful in our prayers and put absolute focus. This is what we give Allah 5 times a day. Make it count. [Check out my post on prayer for more information.]

Keep in mind there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things we need to be grateful for that Allah has given us. If we started now, we could keep going until Judgment Day and not finish.

Oh, and everyone kept giving all these bio examples of what to be grateful for (i.e. human body) so I need to stick up for physics and chemistry->

Physics: You totally should be grateful that the centripetal and centrifugal forces are equal, because if the latter was greater, your body would have smashed against the earth and you would die, and if the former was greater, you would float into outer space and die due to lack of oxygen gas.

Chemistry: You should totally be grateful that H2O has an opposite density effect and that the solid version of water floats on its liquid form. It is one of the only compounds that can do this. Without it, the north pole and Antarctica would essentially sink, and no life form would exist there, and the equilibrium of the earth would go chaotic and the weather would go nuts and we all would have died.

There was my chemistry and physics moment; don’t let me continue ranting.

But essentially, we should make Allah our closest friend and “like this (speaker puts her two fingers together).” Trust Allah, thank Allah, talk to Allah, make Allah your focal point. And He will make you His. After all, he is closer to you than your jugular vein [see Science and Scripture Paralleled post].

And I NEED to update that other halaqah post.


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