May 22, 2008

Differences in Salah between Men and Women

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

So, there is this belief going around that men and women pray the exact same way and that women who pray different than men are doing some form of bid’ ah (innovation). I am no scholar of Islam, but this needs to be ironed out.

But first, let me put some of the differences of how men and women pray:

  1. Men raise their hands to their ears when saying Takbir at the beginning of Salah. Women raise their hands to their shoulders.
  2. In Qayam (standing), men place their hands on their stomachs, right below their navel. Women place their hands on their chest.
  3. In Qayam (standing), men grasp their wrists. Women simply just place their right hand over their left with their fingers intact together.
  4. In Ruku (bowing), men’s backs are horizontal, (like a 90 degree angle). Women are only supposed to bend their back enough to touch their knees. It would look like an arc; Their backs won’t be straight. (I remember at schools, girls were taught this, but at home, some of their moms would teach them different.)
  5. In Sajdah (prostration), men’s back are raised from the ground (or sticking up a bit), their hands are apart from their bodies, and their toes are curled towards the Qiblah. Women pull their body parts close together, their abdomens rest on their thighs, and their feet and ankles point towards the right.
  6. In Jalsa (sitting between prostration) and Qaida (sitting during at Tahhiyat), men sit on their left ankle and their right foot’s toes are pointing towards the Qiblah. For women, they sit on the floor and both their ankles and feet stick out towards the right side.

So these are just some differences I read and heard from shaykhs, if you want a reliable internet source, I bet you can find it on and .

As for the reasons why the prayers are different, I would paraphrase it, but you are better off reading the actual response here:

But I didn’t know about all these differences (I knew a couple), so now I have to work on my prayer. I hope other people found this beneficial too.



  1. komal said,

    JazakAllaho khairan..this helped alot, Alhumdulilah,,Asllamalikum.

  2. ahamr said,

    its not bidaah men and women are different in their body structure women cannot pray in same way that men pray because there body structure doesnt allow it. they cannot sit like men in prayer, women knows the difficultie so there is a slightly difference in both ways.and the way of offering salah and methods are all same than where comes the term bidaah.

  3. ahmar said,


  4. fatima khan said,

    assalaamalaikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuhu
    i was under this doubts for many days

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