May 22, 2008

Chambers of Etiquette, by Mufti Azeemuddin Ahmed at BU *PART (1/4)*

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  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am totally typing up these notes to avoid doing my English paper. My excuse is that my English paper is about something Islam condemns, so I am actually doing something better. =)

Anyway, THESE ARE NOT MY NOTES. I did not have the blessing of being able to attend the lecture, but my friend did. (I had the blessing of being sick-no sarcasm intended this time.) So here are my friend’s notes, starting with a nice greeting (I am omitting names due to the privacy of the people =)  ) What ever is in square brackets is me, the rest is my friend’s:

Salaamz ***** and *****. Here I am, sitting at BU. It’s 7:07 pm, so naturally it didn’t start yet. [The lecture was supposed to start at 7:00 PM] They made us move twice, so I’m just getting settled in my seat again… I’m really excited because right outside this room is a really big window and you can see the moon =). [There was a lunar eclipse that night.]

Shariah is divided into 5 parts:

  • Belief
  • Ibadah/a’maal-prayer, fasting, Hajj, zakat
  • Dealings-contracts, buying/selling
  • Akhlaq-character, humility, sincerity, not being arrogant [I’m screwed in this category]
  • Social Etiquette-how is society supposed to be [Really screwed in this one too.]
  • —if we don’t follow this, the whole society can fall apart.

-The dean is all about etiquette-take it away, and you have no deen

-proportion of good deeds to manners should be salt to flour [I have no idea where that is from.]

-Prophet (sas) is our spiritual father, so he taught us about every aspect of life-through words and actions.

Surah Hujarat: The Private Apartments; Chambers

  • 108th surah, 9th year of Hijrah
  • Between Mujadilah and Tahreem
  • Surahs were ordered by Prophet (sas)
  • There are 5 times Allah swt says ‘Oh Believers.’
  • This surah is all about good character
  • —with Allah
  • —with Prophet (sas)
  • —with Muslims who are transgressors
  • —with good Muslims who are present
  • —with good Muslims not present
  1. _______>
  • ‘Oh you who believe, do not proceed in front of Allah and His Messenger and fear Allah.’
  • Allah swt is telling us that we are good; those commands are there to help us become better.
  • Prophet’s name is mentioned because without him, we wouldn’t even know how to behave with Allah swt
  • Before you begin anything, see what Allah and His Messenger say about it.
  • —Imam Al Ghazali-this knowledge is Fard ‘Ayn[IMAM AL GHAZALI!!!]
  • Whenever we suffer from an affliction, know it’s from Allah, and when we recover also.
  • Be steadfast in prayers and punctual [SEE MY PRAYER POST. Thank you….]
  • When Allah swt loves people, he puts them in difficulties. And whoever is pleased with Allah’s decision will earn His pleasure.
  • We should respect the inheritors of deen (scholars) as the Prophet (sas) and sahabah aren’t here today.

    2.   _________>

  • ‘Oh you who believe, do not raise your voice over the Prophet and do not speak loudly to him lest your good deeds should become void while you’re unaware.’
  • At least have respect-for Allah swt, Prophet (sas), and scholars
  • We should pray for the work of the scholars
  • Allah swt doesn’t address Prophet (saw) by name out of respect [???]
  • There’s no way to be a true believer without loving Allah and Prophet (sas)
  • —studying seerah, send durud on Prophet (sas) and defend him
  • Quran: no one can be a true believe unless they make Allah swt and Prophet (sas) a judge of their conflicts.
  • (in Arabic): Al Mada2u ma3a min u7iba. […(Something}… with from love]

So these were my friend’s notes on part I (of 5) lecture series on etiquette at BU. The core lesson to take home is that etiquette is extremely important, especially etiquette with our relationship with Allah swt and the Prophet (saw), in thinking about them, mentioning them, and overall relationship.

…More later….


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